Drop Me
Drop Me by Comic Relief
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#10   28 Jan 2012
This map has some neat features like the traps, and armory bases. Of course, I seldom play Quake 3 vanilla mode so I was playing with mods. But this map has some really cool attributes to it!
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Alexje60 Rep. 72
#9   22 Oct 2011
I like funmaps, so:
Great map. :)
Another great and funny map of you.
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Comic Relief unregistered
#8   09 Oct 2000
Now children, let's be civil.

(I think there's more fragging going on in this comment section than in the level.)

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TacoWagon unregistered
#7   09 Oct 2000
Finally a unique level that brings all of the interesting aspects of Q3 together. This level is not ment to be played one on one or with bots, but rather with multiple players with all different preferences. There are high vantage points for all you railgun snipers! BFG in cage for you Dirty Harry types. Secret Rooms for the new people who can finally get back at the experienced gamers by pushing button and having them fall in LavA! Way cool! My only suggestion is that you put some fog around the BFG cage, that would be cool!!

I cant believe the other reviews especially by FooL! I think your nickname must be a measurement of your IQ. Tell your mom to stop putting all that junk food in your lunch and that you should take time out from all your POKEMON games and meet some real friends and play baseball.

This level was refreshing, fun, and one of the best that our work has played.

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Jack MeOff unregistered
#6   09 Oct 2000
You all suck. This is a great level. I mean have you actually tried to create a level. Assholes!
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Tom unregistered
#5   09 Oct 2000
This is a great level. Keep up the good work Comic Relief. Don't let "Fool" discourage you. My main suggestion for improvement is more of the same. More rooms, more secrets and surprises. Don't waste too much time on useless frills like so many other mappers do...
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FooL unregistered
#4   08 Oct 2000
itll keep


away from the comment section.

hahaha, you made a funny....jackass;-) I did read the readme.txt before I downloaded. You can call it morbid a attraction to find out what it's about.

Irregardless, I think we both agree, this map has no business being posted on ..::LvL.

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elvis unregistered
#3   07 Oct 2000
yeah a real waste of time.

the mapper has expressed his new ideas in this map and needs to work on them.

the bfg area was preatty coll though, i didnt try it with bots but gameplay seemed sad.

well the readme explains it all. i recomend reading the txt before downloading maps. itll keep


away from the comment section.

and comic releif ..dont release a map like this ..its a waste of my time and yours , well not really yours.. practice map i would call it.

"keep on mappin."

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FooL unregistered
#2   07 Oct 2000
oh....and the score of one was just to keep people from thinking it hadn't been scored yet.
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FooL unregistered
#1   07 Oct 2000
Ouch. Another example of, please leave this on YOUR hard drive. Don't release this to the public. I can't believe I actually wasted 4 minutes of my time with that map.
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