Space Jam
Space Jam by }{ammer
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}{ammer unregistered
#15   01 Mar 2006
I just made a Quake 4 version of this map. Check out my website to get it.

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X666 unregistered
#14   10 Jun 2005
Cool Map...Throughly enjoyed playing it.
Thanks to the map creater :)
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SirPatty unregistered
#13   01 Nov 2004
super Hammer cool
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GypSy unregistered
#12   09 Jan 2004
Excellent small map, wish it was just a little bigger...another platform or two perhaps, otherwise I can't complain!
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[em]DominicanChris unregistered
#11   04 Jul 2003
I love that map, }{ammer
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darkh unregistered
#10   17 Jan 2003
it's pretty cool
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{th}fella unregistered
#9   10 Feb 2002
it rocks .
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remnent unregistered
#8   17 Jan 2002
I found the picture- thought it was clever! I can sit on top of the jumppad platforms and rail people, but its hard to land on. This is my #1 favorite space map. We play this more than any other!!!! Make more like it SOON !!!!
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}{ammer unregistered
#7   10 Oct 2000
Hi, First I would like to say thank you to everyone who has downloaded, and enjoyed my level. It is amazing that all the levels that I work so deligently on never got this much good feedback. And this map started as a test map. It was my first space map. And Everyone loves it. LOL. Anyway to the point, has no one found the picture of me and my friend in this map? I thought by now someone would have stumbled across it. Let me know who finds it. And yes that is me in the yellow shirt. :)

Thanx }{ammer

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WarMachine unregistered
#6   10 Oct 2000
this is a very cool space map ,very well balanced good size looks cool there isent meny good custom space maps out there but this one will stay on my hard drive for a long time, more space maps please }{ammer.......WarMachine.....:)
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Manex unregistered
#5   10 Oct 2000
The RG and the RL could be switched but it is ok were they are. It is just that railgods would have it too easy. Not that I am a railgod by any means but I found the most effective weapon to be the rail in this map because there is more hang time with the jump pads propelling you higher than necessary and you tend to be to far apart for any other weapon most of the time. It could be a good instagib map.=)

I could see the SGs were the SG and MG ammo boxes are as being a better spot for them.

It is a very professional looking map in game flow and style. I wouldn't call it The Longest Yard 2 it is not big enough. I would call it the first Space Jam. I like it.=) Great job }{ammer!

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Ray unregistered
#4   08 Oct 2000
Yes. I was correct. This really COULD be TLY2. Only thing that's missing here is health and armor, but weapon placement, size, jump pads etc. are just perfectly fit in.
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Ray unregistered
#3   05 Oct 2000
I didn't download the map yet, but I looked at the screenshot. When I saw it I thought: "Impressive!". If it is half of The Longest Yard, I'll judge later. Right now, 10 for "Impressive".
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Excelsiore unregistered
#2   03 Oct 2000
Great map but I think the railgun and rocket launcher should change places. There is way to much cover for a good railer, making it very dangerous(unbalancing) to go for the RL or any other weapon for that matter, since they`re all on the second level. Otherwise a map that could very well be "The Longest Yard 2".
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#1   02 Oct 2000
I have to say first off that I'm not really a space map fan. Pretty much the only one I like is "The Longest Yard".

This one, however, is kinda cool.

It has a galantried fortitude of verticality and it's connectivity and obstacles leads to some exercises in besmirchified trickeration! (Don King eat yer heart out)

More than any other custom space map this one is like "The Longest Yard" in it's tri-leveled bouncy, bouncy, rail em thru the teeth or gib em with the rocket type of gameplay.


I could get to liking space maps again.

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