The Practice of Bleeding
The Practice of Bleeding by Mr.Lake
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Lake unregistered
#2   08 Jul 2002
I'm biased. It was my first map and it wasn't even a box map. I built it in 3 days, using tutorials off of Rust and other websites. That, and the fact that friends of mine still play it today for a good 1v1 or 2v2 tell me I was on the right track. It's all about the simple navigation. I agree that the item choice & placement is a little excessive, and the textures are boring, there's some shameless self promotion...but the play is still fun...I think that's what the game is about.
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vedder unregistered
#1   29 Sep 2000
As a tourney, this map is so-so... I agree the item choices are not so good.. however, this is the funnest 2v2 Clan Arena map I have ever played... TONS of fun...

I don;t know what to rate it, so I won't....

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