eruption_by mjk
eruption_by mjk by ShadowZombie
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Tig Rep. 1652
#8   20 May 2011
@SW12: Try: RUSKULL'S DOMAIN by Russell Challenger -
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SW12 unregistered
#7   20 May 2011
Never mind-found what I was looking for: Reign of Fire. But anyway, could someone help me find a map that I'm looking for that has a sky with fog in it? Thanks in advance.
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SW12 unregistered
#6   20 May 2011
I know there is another map similar to this, but I forgot the name. It was too, surrounded by large flames. Any help with knowing would be appreciated.
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#5   15 Oct 2000
Wow, what an atmosphere! I like what's happening here with the use of only rockets and shotguns, two of my favorite tools. I also like that you spawn with everything you need.

The sky shader is well done and the fire sound added to the intensity. Coolio.

I also liked that I had to rocket jump to get the megahealth.

This map is in the true spirit of Rocket Arena maps in their openness and fast gameplay.


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Clandestine unregistered
#4   20 Sep 2000
another one of those 'fun' maps that has fast play and lots of action, but would be difficult to be taken seriously or used in competition-type matches. and yes, it is a 'box' map - no boundries are being broken here.

the bots navigated the whole map, but seemed to favor the lowest level most. i'd say the best part of it is the flaming background and the fact that it's a mere half-meg.

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shadowzombie unregistered
#3   16 Sep 2000
lol sicdeth i know changing the floor texture was a little out of place but for the name,and the feel of the level i didn't think that floor tile was to kine through out the entire lvl,so i decided to make that change.....sorry you don't approve of it,but it's still cool to play.

hope everyone enjoy's it,and i'll see everyone in the beta lvl section,cause im almost ready to release my second map,it's been awhile but these thing's take time which everyone know's that...:-]


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SiCdeth unregistered
#2   16 Sep 2000
i remember like a month ago when i was helping beta test this map. but from the screenshot all i can say is NOOOOOOOOOO what happened to the floor? it was better as a real floor texture not just dirt and rock. but anyway i will download and see if the gameplay is still good
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Hi-C unregistered
#1   16 Sep 2000
And so the age of the Decorative Q3 Box continues....
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