The Kristall Keep
The Kristall Keep by Q-Fraggel
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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#6   18 Sep 2000
You're absolutely right!

More custom map servers!

But I'm quite happy :) The Kristall Keep already ran on a server as the only map for a long time. The server is down at the moment but I hope not for long.

You can find infos on this server and some trickjump demos at my homepage:

Have a good time!

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SiCdeth unregistered
#5   18 Sep 2000
this is why LvL needs a forum!
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Octovus unregistered
#4   17 Sep 2000
Lol SiCdeth, exactly. Who would play against bots when they can finally get a decent ping on servers? And yeah, not nearly enough servers run custom maps and those that do tend to be all custom...which is kinda annoying, because sure there's some I like, but to dl em all and not like half of em isn't much fun. No fun to be kicked out at map change either =(

But hey, my clan has a decent server so I can request maps on occasion =).

L8s all! Octovus

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SiCdeth unregistered
#3   16 Sep 2000
umm. i havent been here in a while.. heh, i thought that when i got my cable modem i would download custom maps like nothin. but now all i do is play on servers with my 50 ping muhahaha no time for unsupported customs, playing against bots eek

but i did come and download the last 5 maps or so, and i like how this one is different in that theres alot of evil demonic stuff going on, like the vines and teeth and stuff. didnt play against bots (read above) but the layout is nice and everything looks well made. good job

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Tymo unregistered
#2   16 Sep 2000
wow ! everything i could say isn't good enough for this awesome map. the only thing i say is:"start your download !!!"
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Mark unregistered
#1   16 Sep 2000
I liked it.
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