eruption_by mjk
date aug 7 2000
level :eruption_by mjk
filename :mjkq3adm1_beta4.pk3
author :m klocke
e-mail :**email removed**
special thankx :id software for creating q3a for all of us...:-)
level info
well yet another release of my 1st published map
reworked it a little now it has feel,dont have much to say about it
just i hope you like it,and i would like to thank sicdeth for helping me
see the light on continuing to pull my map to where it's at now
thankx i'll see you there.....shadowzombie c-ya
play status
game type :ffa
bot support :yes (updated aas.file)
new sound's :no
new texture's :no
new music :no
the base :just an update
complete :all day today
editor :q3r 197
other prog's :bsp converter by "Mr Elusive"
compile :vis/684 sec
:light/589 sec
hardware :amd k6-2 500 128m voodoo3
how to play
just unzip the pk3 to your baseq3 folder start quake3
go into the skirmish and bingo your ready to rumble...hehe
legal stuff/copyright

author's may NOT USE MY level to start or build from to make another..
make your own that's why the q3radiant is out

you may distribute my pk3 over the internet as long as you
include this text unaltered in any way shape or form..

DO NOT copy to a cd without haven prior written permission
from the author which is me so please e-mail me 1st
and if i could have a copy ty... **email removed**

c-ya in the next arena

id software inc.
(c) quake3arena is a trademark of id software inc. 2000
all right's reserved