PadSpace by ENTE
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FragTastic Rep. 2269
#15   19 Feb 2012
Your other Pad Maps are better. This one to me was fun but it didn't have the Oompf like the other maps.
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Jake unregistered
#14   15 Oct 2000
Alot of maps only have new geometry, it is awesome that some have alot of new textures as well!
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elvis unregistered
#13   15 Sep 2000
unfortunatly i cant even play this map because the r_speeds are really bad except where the quad is. the map isnt even that big its just all the detail that kills the frames.

well i gotta say it still kicks ass and ill save this one on a disk so under the a file

filled with maps that arent playable at all which ive collected.

8 because of the lack in gameplay:) even though all ive done was run around a bit:)

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hehe :) unregistered
#12   11 Sep 2000
like everyone said looks good dont like playing it much but sorry ente well done on your work you have put a lot of work in it
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Bomerlunder unregistered
#11   08 Sep 2000
Hey guys, you have to check out the 16MB Version, because there is a wave-file by dieselkopf included!!!!
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Auhsan unregistered
#10   08 Sep 2000
"A triumph of looks over gameplay."

It sounds like it isnt a very good map then... anyway I'm downloading...

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krueger unregistered
#9   08 Sep 2000
A bit dark, to much focus on shader effects. Works best with rails & 2/3 players. Otherwise it get`s a bit crowded........

Great work Ente. I look forward to your next map/project :o)

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Tyre unregistered
#8   08 Sep 2000
Well, it looks lovely, but what an overdose of shader effects! The main problem for me is that there is so much visual buzz it becomes distracting, and quite hard to focus on the other players.

Also note that bots can't get the quad.

A triumph of looks over gameplay.

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Takeshi666 unregistered
#7   08 Sep 2000
Somehow this reminds me about unreal...
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cyberhazard unregistered
#6   07 Sep 2000
A visual masterpice.
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micamica1217 unregistered
#5   07 Sep 2000
well the r_speeds will drive down your FPS like crazy, but it is still playable.

yes this is a work of art,but with 5 or more bots it was fun.

bots cant get quad or YA.(did they go for thr RA?)

otherwise they were fine.

this realy is an over the top production that is still manageable on a P3 700 and a GeForce DDR.

thanks ENTE.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#4   07 Sep 2000
Fun to look at for a while, not sure I'll ever come back to play it again.

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Octovus unregistered
#3   07 Sep 2000
Well I was gonna say...basically what Dr. X here said (GRRR...j/k) =P

So, um, what he said, but out of his pad maps I would have to argue this is the best playing, if only because the others didn't play well at all.

These maps are art, but art good enough to be posted despite the fact that it is art, not a map.

If anyone understands me, let me know! I don't!

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Mysterious Dr.X unregistered
#2   07 Sep 2000
I'll eat anything Ente feeds me, although this insn't the finest playing map he's produced.
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Bomerlunder unregistered
#1   07 Sep 2000
Another great map by Ente, i gave it a 9, because it simply rocks!!! But if you like this you have to check out his other maps, especially PadPool!!!
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