mountain64 by sedric
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raspatan Rep. 4508
#31   02 Oct 2020
This map would play much better in RA3 (or Clan arena). Too few ammo, too few armor, too few health, slow connectivity.
PS: it reminded me strongly of Tomb Raider 1 and 2, with the polygons, shape, textures, and the idea of moving up jumping from rock to rock! Odd...
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Quaker 1996 unregistered
#30   25 Jul 2016
Fun map
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#29   11 Jan 2012
Dosent really look anything like a mountain :/. But it has really good gameplay 7/10.
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Kyall Rep. 417
#28   10 Dec 2011
I love this map! Its big, awesome textures and bot support is excellent! 10/10
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Kith Winter unregistered
#27   25 Aug 2011
I was post # 14 back in Sept 2000
The old crew from the office got together to play Mountain64 and got pwned by Jim C. from Summer Rose Guitars

I still love this map, we always play this one and Simetrik. Simple open layout, good sniping locations, well placed weapons and power ups. Does QuakeLive use this map?

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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#26   11 Jun 2011
This is a cool mountains map.

But it could be better if:
#1- Had more grass and trees.
#2- was rather a volcano.

But even without either its still really cool so I'll give it a 6

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Grunt unregistered
#25   08 Aug 2010
This map looks like a Quake 2 map.
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Shadowdane Rep. 12
#24   20 Nov 2008
let see...
crappy texturing [check]
crappy lighting [check]
boring gameplay [check]

i got bored with it after about 15 mins... next please

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Richard unregistered
#23   07 Aug 2008
This is my favorite map. Played it for hours many times. Very versatile and good enough play to be interesting. Thanks Sedric
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Nitebeat unregistered
#22   04 Apr 2003
Been a while I've played this map...from what I remember it wasn't bad. Not that good either, but ok.

Didn't like any indoor fighting.

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moss unregistered
#21   08 Nov 2002
men, I like this map ;)
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Lord Graga The Nurgling unregistered
#20   27 Nov 2001
This map is one of best ive ever played, it need some more detail, and maybe some beziers would make the earth look realistic.
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M0NSTERZER0 unregistered
#19   23 Nov 2001
two thumbs up

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pez unregistered
#18   07 Sep 2001
great with 20 bots
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ted striker unregistered
#17   05 Aug 2001
this is a great map!! is sedric a proffessional? if not, hes should be, because this is awesome!!
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Azr unregistered
#16   29 May 2001
Pretty shithouse lookin' textures, but the gameplay isn't too bad. 5 and a half outa 10
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Snake unregistered
#15   27 Feb 2001
good gameplay, but the textures do not blend well.
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sedric unregistered
#14   20 Feb 2001
thanks alot fellas for all your comments, i had a great time making this level, and i hope you like the next!
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Jackmutent unregistered
#13   12 Feb 2001
SNIFF Ahhh I sawr dis one in a rescent Mario game namingly Super Mario World 3 SNIIIFFF Ahhhhh Jus' came out yesterdey on Dreamcast, Nintendo outta buisness, Mario fired SNIFF Ahhh dats a dun good one I say two thumps up!
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Kith Winter unregistered
#12   18 Sep 2000
We play this one @ the office (on break of course!), it's awesome!
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bossi unregistered
#11   13 Sep 2000
One of the best levels we ever played 1-on-1. We spent hours to seek and destroy each other.

We hope, someone makes another level with rocks, a very good idea.

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pjw unregistered
#10   12 Sep 2000
Sorry, I may be odd (hell, I know I'm odd), but I really like this map! Believe it or not, a buddy and I spent about 3 hours one day playing 1-on-1 and had a hell of a lot of fun ducking and dodging from cover to cover, wondering where that next rail shot is going to come from . . .

Even though it's a game, some of the very cool jump possibilities make me catch my breath a little (e.g. try rocket jumping off the jump pad under the RG and landing on the megahealth--whee, I'm Superman! :-), and there are some fun sniper spots (e.g. head up the slope to the right (as you're facing out) of the RL ammo/teleporter room and you will find yourself on a little ledge about 200 scale feet over the PG stairway). Yeah, there could have been a little more polishing done in places, but it will stay on my HD for sure . . .

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crap unregistered
#9   11 Sep 2000
sorry i should say somthing about the map hmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmdont like the rock work the inside in door part not that good ether
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#8   08 Sep 2000

The rock texture should have been scaled up much larger with less repeats. IMHO the current texture scale doesn't look like real rock.

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#7   07 Sep 2000
I don't know, gameplay just seemed really slow - even with 7 bots - and they tended to hang around the quad spawn area. Also, that one door off the RL that is above the mega health just doesn't seem to work for me since it's such a delicate drop to the platform. It was easier to get the 100Health when jumping from the rocks off the edge....which again makes me wonder why the door was there.

Some cool concepts though and I thought you did a bang up job on the teleporter/rocket ammo room with the curved pillars. It had, I thought, a really pleasing look to it. Well done. The rest of the map is sorta bland by comparison.

A couple of cool concepts happinin here but not my kinda map.

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Niptlar unregistered
#6   07 Sep 2000
At any rate, if you hate the game flow, proportions, and general gameplay of the level, you have every right to give the level a score of 3.
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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#5   07 Sep 2000
Why give this map a zero "c"? Just to spite whoever gave it a 10? Pretty lame...especially if you didnt even play the map before giving it a score. At least try and be honest. I think it's piss poor to do that...real lack of class.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#4   07 Sep 2000

The dm64 maps for Q2 were able to support up to 64 players (hence the name). I'm sure that this map was named mountain64 because it's big, but it can't hold anywhere near 64 players.

In any case, not sure what your point is.

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hyrax unregistered
#3   07 Sep 2000
duh, notice the name? mountain64. if you're not a newbie to the quake series you should remember the dm64 set for quake2 by ID. HUGE maps meant for very large ammounts of players.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#2   07 Sep 2000
Well, I wasn't really asking for someone to do _that_...

Anyway, this is an OK map, certainly very big, and size has a charm all its own. :-) It must have been a bear to deal with all those uneven rocky surfaces & I think he pulled it off pretty well. A few downers: health seems scarce, botplay seems to mostly consist of railing/zapping bots in the water, and there are a few places where I think he has framerate-dependent jumps (like the one to the MH on dm13), altho I haven't experimented with that to make sure.

Could be a fun "LAN party" type map. I guess Tig/MD already said that... :)

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Johnny Law unregistered
#1   07 Aug 2000
Why does a map almost always get a "10" for its first vote? Hmm. :-P

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