Angry Hatred
Angry Hatred by nakedape
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Takkie Rep. 1788
#24   04 Feb 2015
Cool features as mentioned in older comments. But vs. bots the gameflow breaks up for me, vs. humans this map has to be a lot of fun.
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nakedape unregistered
#23   30 Jan 2001
just a note to anyone who's actually reading these posts:
the RA3 multi-arena formerly known as "Sour Bitterness" has been renamed to bitter_pak.
... that sourbitterness link is now dead.

you can check out other maps here:

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nakedape unregistered
#22   17 Dec 2000
i just tested Angry Hatred with the 127 point release.

everything seems to be in order and running smoothly :)

i set the bots to Hardcore and had a wicked game!! none of the bots were in the negatives ... they seem to avoid dying in the lava more now ...

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nakedape unregistered
#21   28 Oct 2000
if anyone is interested in my current project, Sour Bitterness, for RA3 ... please visit my lazy-ass-i'd-rather-be-mapping-than-doing-web webpage:

the first three arenas are pretty much ready to go, but i'm still working on the clan.

thanks to anyone who's downloaded Angry Hatred my first Q3A map. i've been mapping for only a few months now, but i think you'll notice a big difference between my first map and what i'm doing now. :)

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#20   24 Oct 2000

1400 downloads and counting on a wicked map!

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nakedape unregistered
#19   07 Oct 2000
hello out there in download land ...

i see that a few people are still grabbing Angry Hatred every day :)

the gameplay for this map has been described as "advanced" ... it does take some nimble foot-work to FRAG and not fall into the lava.

if anyone who's downloaded this map is interested in playing a human, message me and i'll gladly offer up some competition. ;P

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pjl unregistered
#18   08 Sep 2000
I'll start off by admitting that other than Q3 I'm not much of a gamer, but Q3 I do know and this map for some reason plays in such a way that I feel i'm playing a diff. game. I'd like to see what you would come up with for ctf (my favorite) maps...
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squire gibbage unregistered
#17   06 Sep 2000
yes, yes.. mighty fun... a bit of a learning curve on this map.. the ignorant will most likely fry... but the atmosphere and design are well worth the effort.

yes... yes it is. ^_^

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dMC|DJ5 unregistered
#16   06 Sep 2000
Pure Brilliance....


GO Winnipeg Blue Bombers!

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#15   05 Sep 2000
That's the most blatant "shameless plug" I've ever seen for a map here at LVL!


Seriously folks, as a beta tester to all of nakeape's work, I'll have to add to the same shameless plug.


The author has grown by leaps and rocket jumps the past few months and the Sour Bitterness pack shows just that. Try em out. Very cool!

Hey ape, does this mean yer gonna pimp my map when it's been reviewed and posted here at LVL?


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nakedape unregistered
#14   05 Sep 2000
if anyone's interested, my RA3 / Tourney / DM map, Sour Bitterness, is nearing completion over on the beta section of LVL ... one pk3, two maps:
September 05, 2000:

i've expanded the layout of the Q3 version, sourdm, with an interior to the castle ... this helps the gameplay alot for DM matches.

in the RA3 version, sourbitterness, the fighting is contained within the courtyard ... the map was created as a 1on1 arena for a soon-to-be-released multi-arena map. i thought it would be cool to offer up two versions of the map for two different game styles.

hope you enjoy it :)

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nakedape unregistered
#13   03 Sep 2000
Tyre: you are on the money with your theory regarding bots in hatred.

i had an idea of a style of gameplay when i started building the map ... aimed at sneaky-mofo-humans. i started to tweak the map here and there near the end to improve bot play, but it was definately an afterthought. bot play is definately something to consider very early on during initial level planning.

heh ... i'm learning :P

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nakedape (grateful) unregistered
#12   03 Sep 2000
woa ... tig, mandog ... you guys get much respect. :)
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Tyre unregistered
#11   03 Sep 2000
For some reason this map causes the Eternal Arena mod to crash - at least it does on my system. I haven't tried all the possible settings as I don't like having to hard reboot each time it hangs.

One other thing - I wonder if the reason bots so often take the accelerator pads into the lava is because of the little redirector jump pads at the bottom - i.e. they can't think far enough ahead to realise they're going to land in lava eventually. I suspect if the accelerators were aimed directly at the teleporter (and didn't require drift) and the jump pads just emerging from the lava were removed, then bots might play the map better. Just a guess.

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nakedape (dummy) unregistered
#10   03 Sep 2000
for what it's worth, i've posted up a new pk3 on the angry hatred website:
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nakedape (dummy) unregistered
#9   03 Sep 2000
shizzat, dissam, and all the other words yer mom don't wanna hear !!! fook!!! my shit is weak for this map i guess :(

thanks for the heads-up pjw.

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pjw unregistered
#8   02 Sep 2000
Hey nakedape, I also enjoyed this one a lot while betatesting. The flow isn't so great in parts, but the overall coolness of the map pretty much makes up for it. Very, very fun and different map. Biggest problem: your pk3 is fuX0red. While the map shows up in the skirmish menu, it doesn't have a levelshot showing and it won't load correctly. I went in and poked around with your pk3, and the problem is that your angryhatred.arena has the map as "angry hatred" instead of "angryhatred"; the map key needs to match the bsp name exactly. When I fixed this and added it back into the pk3 (and deleted the old one) it worked fine from the skirmish menu, levelshot and all.

(/me looks at the dl #--eesh, 646)

I would go ahead and fix it and release another version anyway, or a lot of people will just be unable to load it from the skirmish menu and delete it. (I assume the folks below also figured it out or just loaded it at the console.)

Also, you have a file in the pk3, arenas.txt, that shouldn't be there--not sure what this is supposed to be, or why.

Nice job on the "thanks" tex. Heh. I think I'll do that on my next map. :-)

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nakedape unregistered
#7   02 Sep 2000
heh...nice lookin' out, Wiz :)


has anyone found the grapple?

... rocket jump straight up from the blinking red button :P


has anyone found the hidden bounce pad under the lava? take a bit of damage for a damn quick escape!!

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| Wiz | unregistered
#6   01 Sep 2000
Ahhhh nakedape!

I remeber beta testing this one for you way back when.

I haven't downloaded it yet, but I will once things settle down. But I think I still have the old beta on the HD, so that will tide me over until I get the newer version., From what I remember of the beta, was that this was one of my favourite maps to play. The switch - the best, all of the jump pads in tight areas - very fun with lotsa bots, and some of the hallways brought on great fights!

Great map, i love it! I won't score this one till I get the newest version (as soon as that 30gig bitch is all installed into the computer!)

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nakedape unregistered
#5   01 Sep 2000
many thanks for the comments everyone. i've learned alot through the production of hatred that will make my future maps much cooler :P
--- [ shameless plug ] -

check out - Sour Bitterness for RA3.
the pk3 also has a version with weapons and ammo for regular qIII.

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Tyre unregistered
#4   01 Sep 2000
Yes, the teleporter switch is ingenious, but how often are you going to be able to catch anyone with it?
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#3   31 Aug 2000
In terms of being devious with other players, this map rates right up there. The author sat in front of his computer, rubbed his hands together and asked:"What could I put in this map that could reeeeaaally fuck someone up?" You show the dog the bone, let him go for it and then extol a small price for the trouble. Har, Har!

The switch is a cool idea. I've seen switches for secret doors and for removing the floor from underneath someone....but this is the first map I can think of off hand that uses them with regards to teleporters. Hilarious.

The center area is big enough and with enough camping spaces to make the sneak 'n snipe player enjoy this map, especially with the dark areas that give natural cover. That's not my style, however, since I like to hunt and brawl. Because of my style I found myself plummenting into the lava far too much while in an intense scrap. Most of the time I could land safely, but I had to now fully concentrate on my landing, rather than my target. This I think detracts from DM a bit wherein a game can kinda drag out when player's scores are in the -5 range for the first five minutes.

However, once a player gets to know the layout, flow and where all the hidden goodies are this map is an excellent chess match of wit and skill.

Cool map.

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Niptlar unregistered
#2   31 Aug 2000
This level really feels too much like a single player level. The main room is just too big, but the other rooms actually flow okay. I noticed one secret, which really isn't necessary for DM. Moving around the level is really slow, since the center room doesn't flow smoothly. Item placement itself seems okay, but there isn't anything about it that really affects combat.

Not special, but it is the best of the bunch.

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[XpK]lo_p1ng unregistered
#1   31 Aug 2000
shades of doom 2!!!

This map reminds me of the best levels in doom 2 wipes sentimental tear from eye....I haven't played it extensivly yet, so I cant comment on the game play yet. But my initial response is ....AWESOME!.....

I played with a few "lloyd the gargoyle" bots just for a few minutes and man......just like old times...

Nice one nakedape

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