A Night at The Fragsbury
by G.C.
A Night at The Fragsbury by G.C.
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[tco] Element unregistered
#10   10 Feb 2000
I like the space maps, because of the open space and skills come above here, if you are a loser, you stay a loser, you won't get lucky as many times as on a really tight map
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Commander unregistered
#9   08 Feb 2000
I actually love Space maps and I find it a tough time finding them cos people think there boring and dont post them! Nuts to 'differant' (not 'different' then scampie?) maps, just make em' fun!
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Scampie unregistered
#8   22 Jan 2000
About people bitching about gothic and also about space maps... This is becuase you all crave a map thats 'differant', not a copy of what id has already done. Some mappers need to start getting some of their own style.

Use textures how you think they should be used, not always how id used them.

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RedFive unregistered
#7   21 Jan 2000
OK, maybe I was a bit hard on space maps, but it's just that I seem to see too many of them. I think I have to learn 3D modeling and make my perfect Gothic-Volcanic-Foggy-Map-From-Hell !!!
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Timothy 11 Black unregistered
#6   21 Jan 2000
First of all G.C did a great job,second I don't really like space maps too much...I'd rather play a gothic map(sorry).One of the main reasons why people are probably sick of goth maps is because most of them suck and the authors make them look cheesy"over use of skull wallpaper..hehe!Anyway great map open for strategic moves,but for the love of god can someone please make a serious,dark,freaky,sureal,gothy map with cool textures and use of and architecture and all that good stuff..please!!!
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RuuT unregistered
#5   20 Jan 2000
Thanks and by the way my name is not G.C. I use RuuT as my nick/alias:)
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Jack unregistered
#4   20 Jan 2000
Most of the Q3 space type maps are phucked up but this one is actually pretty fun to frag on. I hope to see more like this soon.


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RuuT unregistered
#3   20 Jan 2000
Let me see all I read is people are sick of gothic maps so I make a space map and people still bitch. I dont even like space maps but I made one because the majority of maps being released are gothic. Damned if you do damned if you dont. The most popular map played is Q3DM17-the longest yard-a space map. Im doing a tech map know and wondering what people will bitch about next...maybe saying its not a gothic map and tech textures suck...we will see. They bitch about the fudge brownie map being too bland texture wise. I would recommend accepting a map as it is and not getting all pissed of if its not your style. If you odnt like it dont dl it or play it.
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not entered unregistered
#2   20 Jan 2000
People are being too hard on the space maps, they are often a good alternative to the endless gothic maps. This is neither a great map nor a bad map!

Everyone just leave the poor space maps alone!

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RedFive unregistered
#1   20 Jan 2000
Man, if I see another space map I think I'm gonna BARF! If I want to play Super Mario Bros., I'll pull out the old NES and hop-along like a rabbit. And I guess it speeds up the texturing part since everything is concrete, metal and, well, nothingness. Space is for Freespace2, not Quake...
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