A Night at The Fragsbury
by G.C.
Title : A Night at The Fragsbury
Date : 1/09/00
Filename : ruutq3dm8.pk3
Author : G.C.
Email Address : **email removed**
Description : I never meant to make a space map, it just happened. I started messing with brushes then BAM! My first space map. I'm not one into space maps but this map I made to play so fast that I can't help but love it! The quad is here but in railing sites so watch out. There are also 1 sniper blind on each side for your railing pleasure. No Regen or Mega health.
Secrets : There are 2 secret areas but they aren't as hard to find as in Organicfusion-ruutq3dm6.
CTF : I will be releasing a CTF version of this map at any moment so look for it.
Tournament : This is a sweet ass tourney map! Don't believe me play it!
Additional Credits to : Thanks to all the other mappers on the Q3world board and Paul J. @ ID.
Comments : This map plays best well at any detail if you have a so-so card like mine.
Check out www.organicfusion.com/ruut for my mapping site and the other mappers I host
We might all come together and release a map pak or two.
Extra Thanks To : NoNameYet the best tester I have ever had. Belgium I thank you:)
: Steve and Doug Butabi without them none of this would be possible. Did somebody just grab my ass?
One word of wisdom : To endcap is to just plain stoopid!!!
Othermaps : Name:Rail or Whine?-ruutq3dm5 2-6 players-a small bx style map with rail only
: Name:Organicfusion-ruutq3dm6 6-10players-a large FFA style map
with CTF included but I am releasing a CTF only version.


- Play Information -
Modes : Deathmatch and Tourney with CTF being released seperately
Players : 6-10 players but I'm sure some admins will run more. Also good for 1 on 1 suprisingly.
Bots : Yes - Although they have 1 spot where they stand still for a second but I put it in anyway.
Weapons : All but the llama weapon - BFG
Armor : Plenty
Ammo : Plenty
Health : Plenty

Put the ruutq3dm8.pk3 file into your baseq3 directory, and type "map ruutq3dm8" at
the console.

- Construction -

Base : From scratch
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant
Known Bugs : None that I know of.
Build Time : 1 day

Textures used : Base Textures with a Jungle Club theme like in "Night at The Roxbury.":)

Compile machine : P3/450 @ 602mhz with 196megs running Windows 98' 2nd Edition - $90 bug fix
q3map BSP Time : a few seconds
q3map Vis Time : a few seconds
q3map Light Time : around 25 minutes
bspc Time : 5 minutes
Brushes : 339
Entities : 127

- Copyright / Permissions -

Ruutq3dm8 is (c) 2000 G.C. All rights reserved.
You should not include or distribute this map pak in any sort of commercial product without
permission from the author G.C. You may not mass distribute this level pak via any
non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks.