Submarine by Kit Carson
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Gorilla unregistered
#5   06 Aug 2000
There's enough to like here that I wish more time had been spent on it. Item placement here is bad, some of the worst I've seen. With rockets close to both ends of the tube, and the armor in the middle, why go anywhere else? And why make the pool of water so deep if the Mega Health just floats at the top and there's nothing else in it?

Again, some really nice ideas though. The tube where you could peer through at the fish was a great one. But's not really executed well. The fish aren't that cool, and the rock surfaces are really dull and uninspired.

Also the missing texture is bad. It's a glaring reminder of sloppy work whenever you turn that corner.

I'm being hard because I think this could've been great with more work. I really liked Sundown's comment that credit is due for trying something different and not failing miserably. But this one kinda feels like it's still in beta. 6.

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babykitkat unregistered
#4   30 Jul 2000
wow i love this map so fun and the water tube is wild keep up the good work i will be looking for more maps from you =;) bkk
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Sundown unregistered
#3   29 Jul 2000
Anyone who tries something different and doesn't fall flat on his/her arse, deserves a "YIpee". A nice effort in that sense--decent concept, unique features. Having said that, the playlife of this map is really short--just not enuff killing variety to keep ya coming back for small FFAs, and not enuff strategic depth for dueling. But I am also looking forward to more of Kit's maps. Keep the faith, brother, you're on your way.
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RedFive unregistered
#2   28 Jul 2000
Oh gee, a waterfall that looks like the holodecks in Star Trek !!! Damn I'm sick of missing textures. I'd guess a mapper has a collection of textures so big that he thinks "I'll put this here and that there", etc. But we're not all mappers. I don't download every texture pack available, and most good mappers make there own textures anyway. My point is, if you're a mapper (and I applaud you), and you think your map has a custom texture or one from a pack, don't take a chance and include it.

Ok Red, enough fussing over textures!

This is one of those really different maps that I really like. I found nothing wrong with the water tube, in fact I even stopped in the middle of it to watch the angel fishes go by! I also like the fact that the map looks a lot bigger than it really is. What Tig said about ideas and features is unfortunately right, but I'll keep an eye on Kit's future work for sure.

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Jimbo unregistered
#1   25 Jul 2000
I like this level. It stands out from all the other ones - it's very different. Yes, it has a few texture flaws. The underwater tube is very cool, as well as the "spying big-screen tv" .

The fish are neat as well.

I wasn't convinced I was in a submarine , like the name of the level implies, more like an underwater base .

Even though it's not the best new map out there, if you like underwater stuff - get it .

I enjoy it !


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