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VirtualMayhem!! by SLoB
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6320
#5   27 Nov 2019
a lot of fun in team deathmatch
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SLoB unregistered
#4   25 Jul 2000
hehe Lo m8

erm yes if you take a look on my site then you will see I've made some of my own original levels :)

I've only been mapping for a few months now so havn't quite got a load of maps but I do plan on doing my own maps from now on :) these will be mainly Arenas again as the big maps take far too much time and I will be doing maps to get into the RA3 competition Pak :)

the slime doesnt hurt because it didn't in the original :) and the lg ammo is restricted because it could well easily dominate certain bits of the map, and also im not a big fan of it atm :) the button for mh access is not just the only means of getting to mh theres the teleporter to go thru to get there :)

I tried to theme the map on q3DM6 and if you grab the l8est version Virtual Domination you will see that the map has been cleared of all brush bugs etc.. :)

Let me know what you think of my own levels either via email or thru here :)


SLoB :)

oh as far as wep placement goes etc.. this map was really intended for RA3 play but I thought I'd make it available for all game modes :) teamplay and tourney being the main ones :)

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Niptlar unregistered
#3   24 Jul 2000
There are too many slugs and not enough lightning. Some of the health and armor clumps are too valuable considering the MH button hassle. The rest of the item placement is good, but conversions really need to be near perfect in this area. Gameflow is good.

Slime doesn't hurt?

The texturing is a bit weird, but not really a problem.

Can you make some original levels?

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SLoB unregistered
#2   23 Jul 2000

hehe thnx swelty :)

well since the version u saw m8 for domination I've tidied up all the walls now :) no more little bits here and there :)

the gforce has really opened my eyes to how many brushes construct a wall :) they wern't that noticeable with a voodoo 3 :(

neways new version of the map which plays Domination,FFa,tourney and TeamDM will be available :)@ at around 7pm GMT :)

SLoB :)

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Swelt unregistered
#1   23 Jul 2000
OK I am a little biased on this one cos a) I love the original and b) I am a m8 of SLoB and helped playtest the map.

The best thing about this map is the way it plays... it's so fast to move around the map it makes for a great game. It's best played in OSP ClanArena and can hold more than 5 players in this mode. It is also worth a bash in both Team and Tourney modes... yes tourney - once you've sussed the routes around the map and learnt the noises it's great.

There is a Domination version of the map on the way - I've seen it and as well as adding domination points, the textures have been tidied up a little and some more embelishments added... mebbe if people insist on eye-candy, he will release an updated regular version

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