Coral ctf
Coral ctf by Willow
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raspatan Rep. 4558
#19   29 Nov 2020
A classic map that later became q3wcp16. Far from being the best map but this was a superfun map to play online, used as a kind of pause from serious maps. Gameplay is fun and fast, with great opportunities for camping. Carnage was common, particularly people trying to get the quad in the middle. Common strategies were someone railgun-pushing a teammate from the main jumps in order to go straight into the other base, or hidding in enemy's MH (water, in picture) in order to make a rapid enemy flag capture and then escape through the side. The fact that you could respawn in enemy base also made gameplay super intensive. Not to mention the sharks, a great idea to limit the capacity of people espacing through the sides.
Overall, although cheeese, this is a very well thought map and a favourite of many less serious players looking for extreme fun. The good old days...
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Machflite Rep. 11
#18   03 Jan 2013
I have been playing this map for years - it is hands down one of the favorite maps of the house!
Edited: 03 Jan 2013 AEST
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Kyall Rep. 417
#17   16 Mar 2012
An awesome map. Good idea of making two separate islands, which you can either cross the water to get to different bases, or take the fun way and catapult yourself over the water and into the enemies base. The textures are great and it has a suitable skybox. The gameplay is awesome. I found it more fun to play on Freeze Tag CTF, with 10 human players or bots. It is great fun. 10/10.
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#16   06 Feb 2012
Quite small but enjoyable for those who love beaches :).
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gooball Rep. 1091
#15   16 Aug 2011
FOR SURE a keeper! I remember playing this map on multiplayer with one of friends couple years back... Ahh... good times ;D 9.5/10
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2591
#14   21 Jun 2011
Good idea for a CTF map that`s executed quite well. I thought four kamikazes in the 3W version was a bit overkill, considering the minuscule scale of the map.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#13   21 Jun 2011
Cool!! An island map that has multiple islands. A keeper for sure!! This makes me want to go to the beach and take a vacation....yeah. :D
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Anonymous unregistered
#12   20 Nov 2008
wow, as maps are often judged for constuction and balance and looks and all that shit, the most important thing is often overlooked. this map has it- fun. One of the funnest maps i've ever played, congrats Willow
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Nitebeat unregistered
#11   27 Jul 2002
:-) Heh this still is one of my fav ctf levels. Why? Just cause it's so damn original and fun :) It's just the whole feel I guess. It's crazy =)

EHm bots don't really work that good though.. I mean sure they cap the flag, but are lousy lousy defenders.. q3 bots. Lol.

Just set a caplimit of 50 :)

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The Loader unregistered
#10   02 Sep 2001
heading south to the islands with a cold coktail... :)
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hannibal unregistered
#9   02 Mar 2001
Make it bigger, reduce the distance of the "human cannonball" feature, and people will come.
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Blue Phreak unregistered
#8   20 Dec 2000
The Best Bright stage Ever i play 3 on 7 and it rocks bots know how ti attack nice power ups nice Sniper Positions and nice rock to.

4 SGuns
2 Lguns
2 Plasma
3 Rocket
2 Rail
1 quad 2 regen 2 mekit

Go to my Mod Home Page (linked removed by admin as it was dead)

(linked removed by admin as it was dead)
juz incase the top doesnt work

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!!!! unregistered
#7   02 Sep 2000
a grat map for WFA
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Weezer unregistered
#6   14 Aug 2000
Kuh, kuh, kampy, for sure, but it is a damn fun CTF. How 'bout some hotty survivor chicks?
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Caldaar The Barbarian unregistered
#5   27 Jul 2000
Pretty, a few tweaks and maybe a little more space and you've got it. The jump pads killed any chance of playability. Grab the mega health and rocket jump off the jump pad to land next to the opponents flag. Wash, rinse, repeat to get back home... round trip... 15 seconds without using the front door.
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MONSTRO! unregistered
#4   26 Jul 2000
Willow? as i nWillow from Buffy?


Please date me!

you found my one true weakness

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Spram unregistered
#3   25 Jul 2000
I remember I made a beach map for Half-life and used the *.map file to make a quake 3 map. But I couldn't do it... Thought it was impossible until now.. wow. If you want, I'll give you my map so you can make it look like a real beach..

No, just kidding.

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Rat_Scabies unregistered
#2   24 Jul 2000
I like this map !

Fresh and original.

Keep up the good work Willow.


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FooL unregistered
#1   23 Jul 2000
Framey in the middle ground. The flag "hut" is a bad idea. Doesn't allow for movement of the flag carrier. The jump pads that send you from one base to the next are a definate no-no. There is no room for any strategy what-so-ever. And 2 megahealths, that red syringe thing, 1 RA, 2 YA and a quad is a bit much for a map this small. So for playability 2 outta 10.

However, the setting is nice. The "no swimming" area with the sharks is a nice touch. The fish in the water good eye candy. The bounce pads that look like ladders are kewl. (However, make sure you use em right or you'll get stuck and become frag bait.) 7 outta 10 for eye candy.

5 outta 10 overall. Should be a 4 but...I like the idea, hence the bonus point.

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