mfspacedm2 by TheMic
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Colton Rep. 329
#6   31 May 2016
The Spearmint engine fixes that particular bug with the grappling hook, & in the latest git, it should (in theory anyway) allow the bots to use the grappling hook in this level. Not sure if the reachabilities for it exist though in the current botfile...
Edited 19.77 hours after the original posting.
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Octovus unregistered
#5   21 Jul 2000
Ahhhh! NOT MY DAY! I just realised that I don't think there is even an RA in Smo's Tower but The Devil Deranged's comments confused me. (If you have no idea what I mean and want to know, first read my comments on The Devil Deranged and then Smo's Tower).

That said, this is the last map I'm commenting on for today.

It was a little bland looking, though that is usually the case with space maps. But my main gripe: There was nothing to really lure you to the Regen platform! Sure, a quick to stop to grap the Regen, and perhaps a PG, but when the RL, Quad, RG, Grapple, PT, AND Invis are all accesible from the other platform (and all but the invis only from that platform) why would you ever leave that platform?

The bots seemed to agree, though they favoured the weaponless quad room a bit much. I just think, tweak the balance between platforms, make a hole in the floor between the Rl and quad rooms (but put a tele or something at the top, so that RJing straight back up is impossible) and you'd have a much better polished map!

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Octovus unregistered
#4   21 Jul 2000
Proly since they didn't include it in any maps..and lotsa mods will give you skinned offhand or (invisible) onhand grapples anyways.

I'll probably download it, considering as it's summer <g> and its a space map.

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Cranial Bore unregistered
#3   20 Jul 2000
I don't think the Grappling Hook is meant to have a skin. ID didn't bother with it I read somewhere. I don't know why.
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Dialgoue unregistered
#2   19 Jul 2000
Actually on this map I think I was using v197. I never used v199, after this map I went straight to v201.

As for the textures problem that you have I have ALWAYS had this problem, I can view them if I go down one by one or make the texture consol pretty much full screen, I have no idea why it happens, I personally think it's my video cards fault though : )

As for this level, the grappling hook was meant as an alternative to the personal transporter. I never thought it would make that big of deal to the whole entire map, but I guess so since that's the only thing he really mentions. Oh well, atleast my reviews are slowly getting better : )

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nakedape unregistered
#1   19 Jul 2000
hey Dialogue,
just a guess...but did you use radiant 199?

i have a skinless-grappling hook in my soon-to-be-released map. i've tried installing v201 in Win2k to no avail

i found out that there is a limit to the number of pk3s radiant can load for first i thought the app had died, and so tried to reinstall it. still couldn't see any textures past "r" ...btw: i had 132 custom maps in baseq3. so i tried installing v201 but it would crash on start up.i uninstalled it and nuked all associated registry settings. tried again...still no.

then i thought to try taking out all the custom maps and see if the problem still pursists...after i RE-installed and v199. phew.

i know that v201 apparently fixes many bugs, but i'm going to finish my map before i try to get v201 working properly.

for me the skin-less grapple is no big deal ... i've hidden it in a pretty sneaky spot :P don't want to spoil all the fun, but my map is very verticle, so it's the grapple is damn FUN!! who needs a radioactive spider :P

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