Smo's Tower
Smo's Tower by Tim Smulders
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http unregistered
#10   17 Jul 2001
Cool map, but not new stuff to compare to other map.

It's not the best map I have.

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Mao!! unregistered
#9   22 Jul 2000
Hi just thought i would say that this is my 15th map i have download today and they seem to be getting better!!

for all those peps out there keep fishing even if you see loads of junk don't let it put you off just look and you will find the perfect map!!

looks like a good map i will have to test it along side the other maps i have got Hehe!!

Tiddles for now

MAO, Jenkib, jett77

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Smo unregistered
#8   21 Jul 2000
And thanks to everyone else for the nice comments too!
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Smo unregistered
#7   21 Jul 2000
Thanks for the kind words Octovus!

This map is all set for team dm too...has all the target positions and team items etc...

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Octovus unregistered
#6   21 Jul 2000
Uh..not my day today..u might notice I posted this exact same thing for The Devil Deranged map, those comments were meant for Smo's tower. shoots self in head again

Well here there are, slightly edited for sanitys sake.

The map was good. DAM GOOD!

The RA and the MH were surely campable, but the level was big enough that in a FFA an important fact is apparent: You can camp there, but if no one decides to try and frag you what good will it do? You'll lose frags while you sit there waiting for the spawn.

The big rooms with floors and bouncepads to the rl were a little odd. Nothing was really there to lure you, besides the rl, and yet somehow the bots loved them.

I truly loved how one got to the RG though, that portal is so cool! Did you have to make the model or is that a baseq3 thing I've never seen? (and no, I didn't read the readme if it says something in there =P)

The rg wasn't all that useful from the tower though, as except for the MH room it was hard to snipe anyone since they seemed to stay near the towers inside walls.

It is very cool how this box map (a huge box) is divided into four sections, with a tower in the middle and a tele to the rg underneath. I don't quite understand the change of looks on the way to the RG tele though.

All in all, a good solid download. When I loaded it up with my standard first-play (of a map) settings of no timelimit, 30 fraglimit, I changed the fraglimit to 50 after looking around before even adding the bots. Good (wholesome?) fun!

L8rs! Octovus

Oh yah, that jump was fun PJW

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Octovus unregistered
#5   21 Jul 2000
Lol that sounds fun you've gone and made me click the download link just to try that. EVIL! Well I guess I"ll be back here commenting soon enough.
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pjw unregistered
#4   20 Jul 2000
I've liked this map quite a bit ever since I first saw the beta. Nothing like jumping from the top of the tower down to the jump pad in the abyss, then bouncing way up again to get the mega. Wheeeeeee! Well made, fun, and different.
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Quaker-X unregistered
#3   20 Jul 2000
this map is really good it has good flow and looks good. the railgun is in the perfect spot hehe. some people will probably liek this map then lose interest in it fast. i wont cause there are many little tricks you can do on those jumpads that no one even thinks about in a map and this is one of those maps that has that and no one relizes it does. some of those other maps that people really like you cant do stuff like cool jump pad + rocket jumps and stuff, this map you can and if people would see that there is more to a map then looks, then we might have some new favorite maps instead of the regulars
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Serendipity unregistered
#2   19 Jul 2000
Séyat maré va dank maorr; kaar négta Yor màp.

Dano =5

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Dude82 unregistered
#1   19 Jul 2000
OMG I remember his Jedi Knight maps, especially Outpost 7. This maps r0X0rz, get it!
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