Title : mfspacedm2
Game : Quake III Arena (v1.16n or better if you want to use botinized ID guys)
Add ons : none required
Mods : none required

Author : TheMic - Mike Fayol, aka Dialogue
Author Email's : **email removed**
Author Web Site's :
Feedback : PLEASE SEND IT!!
Release Date : June 19, 2000
Files : mfspacedm2.pk3, mfspacedm2.txt
Maps :

* Description *

Was the 1st level for a space PAK, but I decided not to do the pak. This is for those Space fans that love to JUMP AROUND!! hehe, Two seperate platforms, both with three floors, one being a building, the other all is open. Each floor there are launch pads to get to the other platform.

* Play Instructions *
To play, use the game menu and select skirmish. Select
Free for all (FFA) mode Select Mfspacedm3.

The default bots for this level are the ID
guys and gals; doom, visor, mynx, sarge, orbb and Anarki. I believe
that you must have v1.16n or better to use this level with the
ID bots.

* Tips *

Don't be afraid to leave the bots, sometimes they tend to dwell around Quad damage. Go get some better weapons or armor, you'll see that one or two of them will either follow you or spawn in around you.

* Play Information *

Game Modes : FFA 4-10 players
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : Yes - some custom textures
Demos Replaced : None

* Credits *

Everyone at the Forums - For helping a poor sole out
with there experience and knowledge.

Q-Workshop 3 site - for all the tutorials.

SYLUM ENTERTAINMENT LTD. - For giving me the hardware to do the job right, and being supportive.



Unzip and place mfspacedm2.pk3 and mfspacedm2.txt
in baseq3 directory.

*Released levels by author

***** Quake III Arena *****

* Construction *
Base : From scratch
Construction Time : NA
Editor Used : Q3Radiant v.197
* System *
Dell Dimension XPS
PII 450
128 MB Ram

* Compile Data *


* Known Bugs *

* Design Philosophy and Discussion *

I started on mfspacedm2 and that wasn't working out properly, I realised that I was going to have to start from scratch on that level so I decided to go straight to mfspacedm3, which was going to be a smaller level. Once that was done, I wound up replaining quite a bit for this level.

I got the idea from playing all of ID's released space levels that came with quake originally. It seemed that for each space level there was one area where all the play centered around and then another area where you can go and get jacked up, or just stand around and snipe. I wanted this level to be big enough that you maybe able to go unnoticed for a short time to snipe people, but open enough and easy enough to reach everywhere so that you didn't have one player sitting up above you just picking everyone off.

Well that's it, happy fraggin'

* Copyright / Permissions *
Feel free to post and play this level. Please do not change
any file associated with this level.