This map is For FFA, DMTP(but not recomended) and 1on1 (very higly recomended) i tryed it out and i just roled over
dead it vas soooo good and i turned of the sound and just listend to the music i had a Blast and if you have tryed
it youŽl wonder where the BFG10K is vell just search :) this map is mot for camp or any runaway chickens.

the best way to play it is to turn of the sound not the music add one bot change the
game speed to 500 (g_speed 500) run over the map and frag some bots ore players.
the big difrence of this map is that the items, weapons and ammo are all over the
map so you cant miss it.

p.s. to day is 06.14.00 00:25 and i am about to publish my second map to "skjalfta"
but the first one is not done yet because of bot problems ;(

textures : IDsoftware.
Editor : q3radiant
bulid time : 30min (a record)
Author : Pinball
specal thanks : Skjalfti. and ID
E-mail : **email removed**

you may publish tis map on your homepage ore any other page
butt only if you give all credids to Id and me O O