PKCDM1: Frag & Bone
PKCDM1: Frag & Bone by Pikachu
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nix Fluff unregistered
#4   19 Aug 2000
An excellent map, we absolutely loved it!!! Eat dirt iD mappers!


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Tyre unregistered
#3   12 Jul 2000
Connectivity is horrible and so is the game play. Running over the jump pads accidentally when you are trying to get from one part of the basement to the other is really annoying. A Q3Radiant learning exercise which should really have been left to the privacy of the mapper's hard drive.
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not entered unregistered
#2   10 Jul 2000
I though it was pretty good, has some character and unusual construction. Lots of curves :) Floor shooters will like it.
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Rosebud unregistered
#1   10 Jul 2000
Mapper shows some potential -for the future. 5.
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