Skullduggery by DieharD
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riz unregistered
#51   12 Oct 2000
Flat and dull, well textured but flat. Could have been a doom map.
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Weezer unregistered
#50   14 Aug 2000
Muy fun.

Bots do love that flowing, glowing, steamy, super hot sauce, though.

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DieharD unregistered
#49   09 Aug 2000
I honestly don't know why bots can not make the RA jump and fall into the pit. I'm going to look into it.
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Drew J unregistered
#48   08 Aug 2000
Chipmunk: You are the "load" your mother should have swallowed.....UT....<<laughs...har har har>>

Good map, well thought and polished....Bones bot loves Lava.

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xylem unregistered
#47   05 Aug 2000
not bad

not bad at all

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Sundown unregistered
#46   03 Aug 2000
Fun and polished. But forget dueling with the Lakerbot (or any of your pumped-up standard bot creations), bots can't get enuff of lava diving near the red armor. Can't tell if its an AAS issue or the bot-code in general.
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Phant0m unregistered
#45   22 Jul 2000
Awesome map, good job DieharD!
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Zarathustra unregistered
#44   18 Jul 2000
Didn't seem too bad to me. Nicely constructed, flow is good, but a tad too simple. Overall, a 7.5, but I'll give it an 8.

diGiTaL: Try reinstalling Q3A. This has happened on many other maps. No one knows why it happens, but re-installing almost always works.

Chipmunk: Are you serious? UT? This is Q3A, my man. That must be a slip of the pen. But "niggar" isn't, so maybe you are really that dumb.

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RedFive unregistered
#43   13 Jul 2000
Whoa, I did vote on this before, and I must've been in a bad mood !!! :) Sorry about that!
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RedFive unregistered
#42   13 Jul 2000
Chipmunk: I can't believe people like you can remember to breathe once in a while.

The map now. I've had this one for a little while now and it's quite fun against people. Bots have a slight problem trying to get the RA. And sometimes they back up into the F.O.D. in the middle of a firefight, which is quite funny !!! But in all, it's a great 1v1 map. Here's an 8.

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NoVaCaT unregistered
#41   12 Jul 2000
Very nice touch, very detailed. I can tell a lot of time was put into this map.
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A Cute Little Chipmunk unregistered
#40   12 Jul 2000
fucking sucks, everytime i try t load UT to play this map it won't work, ur map must be fucked up niggar.

w3rd. u suck.

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Gremlin unregistered
#39   12 Jul 2000
You could also to give it some more memory, use com_hunkmegs 48 command to give Q3 48 megs of ram. That of course if you have that much ram to spare.

Good luck.

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Frib unregistered
#38   12 Jul 2000
Probably a great map... except for the fact that it doesnt fucking WORK

Every time I try to load it it crashes q3. Any ideas?

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diGiTaL unregistered
#37   11 Jul 2000
fucking excellent.
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Mourad unregistered
#36   11 Jul 2000
Well done my man !
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Anon unregistered
#35   11 Jul 2000
I meant to give it a 4, sorry.
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Anon unregistered
#34   10 Jul 2000
I dun like it.

s'ok for a 1st effort I suppose.

Not very exciting to play on.

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Haze unregistered
#33   10 Jul 2000
Welp being that my computer is to shitty to run q3.. I haven't played the map. But the screenshot looks pimp! GJ DH!
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JERRY... unregistered
#32   10 Jul 2000
Cramped. Thats how the map feels to me. It's needs more elbow room for fights IMHO.

But a very nice map from someone I didn't know built maps :)

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Casey unregistered
#31   10 Jul 2000
I theenks thees maps is very goods one, but I canna find the reds and blue flags.


Good job DH

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RakE unregistered
#30   10 Jul 2000
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LoW|CheateR unregistered
#29   10 Jul 2000
good one :D
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Psychodelic unregistered
#28   10 Jul 2000
I played this map for more than 1 hour straight with bots on 1on1. I read how this map's idea was for a more strategic or competitive game, maybe that's why the vertical play was left behind because its not an essential to strategy. But it leaves the fun factor hanging. And with the open areas and strictly horizontal play, this makes the RL nearly useless against a good rail weilding opponent. But the connectivity was well done and it's very hard for a player to completely dominate items on this map. And during my playing time I can't remember fighting with the measly MG. In short, I think this is a map is better suited for hardcore, more strategy inclined players.
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not entered unregistered
#27   10 Jul 2000
Psst, DieharD, think vertical bro, think vertical. :)
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DieharD-r3v unregistered
#26   10 Jul 2000
Possibly, right now I'm a bit busy with my new job. However, I do have plans to make a teamplay map in the near future.
It all depends on how much free time I will have. Making maps for q3 is a lot of fun but it is also quite time consuming.

George Myshlyayev
aka DieharD-r3v

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T-Bone unregistered
#25   09 Jul 2000
Wow, very impressive map. Looking forward to seeing it promode.

The fact that the map layout is more horizontal than vertical does not make it any less fun.

Good stuff DieharD.

Do you plan to release any team maps?

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not entered unregistered
#24   09 Jul 2000

This place looks like it hasn't had a single post in two days. Just seems odd so I'm woondering if it's broken. :p

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Johnny Law unregistered
#23   07 Jul 2000
Oops, two more things.

  1. Yeah, bots unfortunately seem to have problems with the RA pit.
  1. This map is available for voting at the kitty1 (west coast U.S.) duel and TDM servers,
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Johnny Law unregistered
#22   07 Jul 2000
This is a good, well-balanced map. DH's duelling experience shows through. I do agree though that it could indeed be more 3D/vertical/"flashy" however you want to describe that.

There's a demo posted at Challenge-World of a Pro Mode game between DH and citizen on this map. It's a really cool demo. :-) Of course, if "pro" level players can occasionally make even T2 exciting, then it should be no problem at all for them to crank out good games on this map. For other players, it's maybe not quite as exciting.

Still a good map, up among the best custom duel maps currently. Impressive for a first map. I hope DH eventually pops out another one, it would be neat to see what he does next with this experience under his belt.

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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#21   07 Jul 2000
I agree whole-heartedly with 'Flatchested', that maps which lack vertical gameplay, rarely produce stimulating, strategic battles and so have rather limited appeal.
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flatchested unregistered
#20   07 Jul 2000
Good map but definitely too flat. We need more good tourney maps with vertical elements guys (mappers). Addiction by Peej is a good example of vertical mapping (although the bot play on that map isn't the greatest, it's awesome online).

This map here is definitely good quality though, don't get me wrong. I just think Q3 mappers need to start thinking a bit more in 3D.

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ME!!!! unregistered
#19   07 Jul 2000
Good level but bots didnt play on the best. Really a good Tourney map!


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OozE unregistered
#18   06 Jul 2000
damn, that demo makes me want to experiment with pro-mode, if not for Instant weapon switching alone, lol. Just hate to practice one way/mode and play the other in matches, etc. Very nice demo...see the link below.
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Crazy Ivan unregistered
#17   06 Jul 2000
This is the best 1v1 map I have played on in Q3. The item placement and map layout promote really strategic yet fast gameplay. A bit horizontal at first, but after watching the demo of DieharD and citizen playing on it (download it from, I saw that the battles can have much more vertical nature to them than I first expected. Nice work DieharD! BTW, I prefer playing this map in Pro Mode. :)
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Scan-r3v unregistered
#16   06 Jul 2000
good, i dont like playing for this tyrant anyway, plz save us someone!
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Coach unregistered
#15   06 Jul 2000
Just a post to let you guys know that Scan is benched for an indefinite amount of time. He will be replaced by Grunt-r3v of QW fame in the starting line up.
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Hyper-r3v unregistered
#14   06 Jul 2000
This is where I prefer to bury my opponents skulls.
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Scan-r3v unregistered
#13   06 Jul 2000
btw, Coach = Mur-r3v
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Coach unregistered
#12   06 Jul 2000
One of the obvious problems with most Q3 maps is that they were made by people unfamiliar hardcore Q3 deathmatch. That certainly isn't the case here! DieharD manages to pack a lot of old style strategy and intensity into this map.. Something sorely needed in these days of Q3tourney4. Download it!
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Scan-r3v unregistered
#11   06 Jul 2000
i have to like it because he said he would hurt me if i didnt :(
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RedFive unregistered
#10   06 Jul 2000
Pretty much the same thing as RiO. a 6.
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RiO unregistered
#9   06 Jul 2000
For some reason it just didn't appeal to me: It's not that It wasn't well made, or that the Bot AI was particularly bad, but it was missing a certain zing... in layout or imagination perhaps. Sorry!
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Syclone unregistered
#8   06 Jul 2000
Oops, meant "Few seem to do good VERTICLE play."


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miles666 unregistered
#7   06 Jul 2000
an excellent map with great weapon and power-up placement. been running on neotokyo for the last few weeks, i don't know about botplay (and truly don't care ), but against humans this map kicks some ass.
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Syclone unregistered
#6   06 Jul 2000
I like this map except as said in the mini-review, it is a bit too flat. To be honest, that is one of the biggest things I don't like with many id and non-id maps for Q3. Few seem to do good horizontal play.

This map has been out for quite awhile. I think I got it about a month ago.

Overall, a pretty good map for 1v1s.

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OozE unregistered
#5   06 Jul 2000
Thanks for that link man. Yeah, horizontal play. Like no id maps do this? Try this map with the clock bot and u'll have a better time.
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LuckyLuke unregistered
#4   06 Jul 2000
I gave this map a try and I initially I noticed that bots couldnt figure out how to get to the RA. However, after few minutes the bots figured it out and were able to get to the RA without a problem. Overall the map is very well done. Great layout and detailing. It is also a great 1v1 map, after checking out this demo ( it's pretty clear that this map is a blast.

Good Job DieharD, keep up the good work!!!

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Postal unregistered
#3   06 Jul 2000
This isn't a bot-friendly map, to be sure, but I wouldn't reject the map outright because of that. There's still a lot to recommend it to most anyone.

Visually it's quite nice and very "Quakish." The map does play pretty well when your opponents know what they're doing.

I think almost anyone who plays the map notices the horizontal play - it actually reminded me of Doom a bit (especially considering that it's for 4 players or less), which isn't a bad thing.

I'd grab this (which I did awhile ago), particularly if I was looking for a good tourney map outside of the official ones.

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undeaDDisney unregistered
#2   06 Jul 2000
This map has a totally ruined botplay. If you're interested in playing against non-human opponents (like the bots or me): Don't download this bot-trapping-pit-map. Don't even think about it! I have to give '0'; any other behavior would be unfair against all the botmurder-maps I have rated before. Sorry.
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OozEf unregistered
#1   06 Jul 2000
Somehow I found this map a couple days ago and have played it alot with bots and twice with a friend. It's alot of fun, and it's surprisingly easy to get knocked off the RA stand, so watch it (mad dash=bad idea, hehe). The placement of the MH prevents people going on incessant runs, though I found a nice route from RA to YA back to RA then to MH can be established and werks perfectly (if ur lucky). Use the tele to arrive in the RA room and you'll hold an advantage.

If I were to criticize, it would be for the long passageways (o.k., not too long) but the many passageways and fewer open areas. That said, if you use the tele's you can basically get around pretty good without too much weaving. A KEEPER

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