Voodoo's Revenge
Voodoo's Revenge by JonTart
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Takkie Rep. 1778
#16   07 Apr 2015
Very nice tight map. Cool for instagib etc. Far less 'open' than most space maps.
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Notchbak unregistered
#15   14 Apr 2001
WoW! nice map
for a small one .. still a keeper though
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snake-EssencE unregistered
#14   14 Jul 2000
nicely made, altho having 3tp's 2 1 place makes it fucknig easy to camp, but well dun anyway. forget bots they suck normally but on this map its like playing left handed when ur fucked, so dont bother!

goto url for binary arts for up coming maps.

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JonTart unregistered
#13   10 Jul 2000

yeh thats a good point that u made about the teleporters once u have have dropped down the only real way back is thru the teleporter.

thx to evry1 who took time to comment its appreciated and thx to pq for makin it lvl of the week

u can dl another of my maps at www.planetquake.com/binaryarts

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GeneralElectric unregistered
#12   10 Jul 2000
I said "most likely" because you can in fact RJ back the main section from the rail islands .. assuming you still have enough health/armor
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GeneralElectric unregistered
#11   10 Jul 2000
Yeah I like this map alot. Played it today with human friends 1v1 and 3 player ffa and both were good although 3 people is a little much for this tiny thing.

My only real complaint is that both the teleport and the blue teleport thingys coming from the rail islands all come out in the same spot .. it would be nice if they came out in different spots, it just made it too easy to pick off people once they drop to the lower level as you know they are most likely coming out the teleport at some point.

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merkaii unregistered
#10   10 Jul 2000
Nice , compact Map . There could be some more health , but in fact : brilliant !
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Rat_Scabies unregistered
#9   07 Jul 2000
Compact and intense.

You really have to keep track of your opponant's position and keep on the offensive to stay ahead in this map.

Not very original looking but well constructed.

Very nice level.


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{SoD}Vastdeath unregistered
#8   07 Jul 2000
please forgive me for my rude comment

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{SoD}Vastdeath unregistered
#7   07 Jul 2000
sorry about that, i didn't mean it i looked at it and it doesn't look much like a ripoff, it is a very good map, keep up the good work
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{SoD}Vastdeath unregistered
#6   07 Jul 2000
I am glad you found a good map...a good map to rip off. that is so Q3dm17, what did you take the map file and edit it? i have edited Q3dm17 before but only for the space box, not for an almost ripoff, this deserves a 0 for ripoff
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Da reviewer unregistered
#5   07 Jul 2000


I enjoyed this one but the botplay wasnt very well.

ye they know how to find the black spots :-)

But i think if you have a network it will be a very cool 1vs1 map!

Try it (not with bots)!

The Good

The map! Very well made!

Good graphics for a space map!

The Bad

Bots didnt play well.


Tournament 81% (dont use bots)

If you have a network grab this map now.

But else! no that bots just suck!

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RendaR aka BoB aka Daz! unregistered
#4   06 Jul 2000
I (me) Was Da Chief (not chef) Beta Testa cus me m8's call be Da MastaBeta (i dunno y though) - See i luv this map cus i feel like like part of it like n u see i like it

Dun tart 4 makin a map i like - i like that map u no - i do :)



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Firestorm unregistered
#3   06 Jul 2000
it sux for bot play and i havent tried it with human opponent but hey....its a space map :D
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Chippy767 unregistered
#2   06 Jul 2000
Damn good map, my fave tourney! i luv it! keep up da gud work!
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Xplosive unregistered
#1   06 Jul 2000
If you like your action nice and fast. this is the map for you. I found myself liking it even though I normally don't like space maps.



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