Temple of Osiris
Temple of Osiris by DaveBulow
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Drew J unregistered
#4   08 Aug 2000
I like....fast and furious...good weapon placement.
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Da reviewer unregistered
#3   07 Jul 2000


hey hey there are some textures of 2 Q1 enemys!

The textures where fine not the best but also not distracting thats good!

Gameplay was very good but the bots must be better!

The Good

Textures not to distracting and i loved that Q1 monsters!

Gameplay just very good!

The Bad

Bots they can be better!


Tournament 78%

Bots are not the best but playable!

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undeaDDisney unregistered
#2   07 Jul 2000
One comment for this map is not enough! So the second comment is made by me, too. I'm sorry for this mapper. This map is good enough for a download... -and is good enough for a comment!
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undeaDDisney unregistered
#1   06 Jul 2000
This map becomes boring after a short while of playing. But for as long as interest lasts -it's fun.
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