The Grim Fate
The Grim Fate by Michael Reed
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chtonicnoise Rep. 29
#9   29 Jul 2012
good map
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MR TiGGer unregistered
#8   02 Nov 2000
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Da reviewer unregistered
#7   07 Jul 2000
Thx its 1 of my first reviews (and da gameplay of Half-Life is better :) Do you know if there is gona be a Q3counter-strike?)
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Sprikenzie DOOM unregistered
#6   07 Jul 2000
Da reviewer's comments are pretty accurate, however I found DM gameplay with bots to be good and with humans excellent. True, the bots sometimes clump up in the main room, but 1on1 human play is great.

Nothing's better than seeing your enemy's head come bouncing out of the quad trap!

A keeper.

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Da reviewer unregistered
#5   07 Jul 2000

Free for All

Bots where very good in FFA but the gameplay i think wasnt.

Many battles in the middle.

The water near the Rail was also very good. that was nice about this map.


Tournament also was not the best.

Team DM

This was very good for 3vs3.

I realy enjoyed the TDM.

The Good

Bots played well

Team DM was really great!

Nice textures where choosen!

The Bad

Gameplay sucked in DM and Tournament

Gameplay Gameplay Gameplay!


DM 50%

Tournament 50%

Team DM 78%

You like Teamplay then get this map now!

If you dont like it this map isnt that good.

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undeaDDisney unregistered
#4   07 Jul 2000
Give me a Kleenex!
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ScramBloodEggz unregistered
#3   06 Jul 2000
Yea. This guy was a DOOM/Quake level master. He doesn't put out many maps nowdays. Worth the d/l.
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Fingers unregistered
#2   06 Jul 2000
Hee.. It's the dude who did the first Doom addon level I ever downloaded off the net, back in the day.. Hoover Dam =)
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undeaDDisney unregistered
#1   06 Jul 2000
A three-player ffa is too much tourney-like to accept the Quad-error in botplay. I'm not downloading, -I'm not rating this map.
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