Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty by Mr.CleaN
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#28   15 Jul 2012
I actually really like this map since it contains brilliant Gameplay and also lots of Carnage. Looking at the screenshot, my first thoughts where ''It's gonna be a whole lot of fun and it may be on the clan server'' and well I was right :). On my server, I hold custom maps which are brilliant and exceed to my standards. This map especially passed the line and is now officially on the server and many players said they loved it. 10/10
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Mr. FU unregistered
#27   18 Jan 2003
Rail city... 'Nuff said :)
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NoNameFek unregistered
#26   21 Oct 2001
Yea baby!
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Prophet unregistered
#25   01 Apr 2001
This is what i'm talkin' about!!! Gameplay simply kicks arse using the default bots in Hardcore. I agree with jrp, screenshot almost made me skip it. Excellent!
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jrp unregistered
#24   24 Aug 2000
grat map, but the screenshot doesn't make it justice (i almost didn't downloaded based on that). A bit to clean four my taste.
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Weezer unregistered
#23   14 Aug 2000
Each is fun. Short, small, and fast..like a cheap date. You gotta' like'm.
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OJ Simpson unregistered
#22   26 Jul 2000
My only criticism of this map is lack of texture variety. I don't mean in eye candy kind of way, however. The map is basically made up of two very similar mid sized sections that are textured identically. A slight texture change from one section to the next would make it instantly recognizable which one you're in (especially useful right after a you respawn). It wouldn't even have to be a texture difference, it could be lighting or a number of things. Just something to think about while making your next map. :)

Other than that it's a great map. Good work there diggity dog.

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Rudy_The_SEAL unregistered
#21   14 Jul 2000
This board mangles messages :(

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Rudy_The_SEAL unregistered
#20   14 Jul 2000
This map is the "go to" 1-on-1 map on my CPM server!

There's none of that "blow the crap out of 'em with rl

in tight quarters" in this map. It works REALLY well in

CPM (me and mine are 99% CPM now).

Your other maps are on on my OSP rigs to Mr.Clean.

Please keep invesing your time in Q3 map...

Viva CPM!!!

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xylem unregistered
#19   12 Jul 2000
The layout and connectivity like rat said is great, the domes also look kewl.

Good to see your with the Challenge team aswell Clean.

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Rat_Scabies unregistered
#18   07 Jul 2000
Well, maybe Mandog and Tigger could be right and this level is possibly just a bit too big n' bright (not much though).

Cannot argue with the layout and conectivity.

Excellent !


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undeaDDisney unregistered
#17   06 Jul 2000
A big bright moon right up in the sky ( maybe together with a few stars)would bring magic and explanation for the lightning. This little trick could improve the way, this map feels, very much. The map has a little oriental feeling. I'm still of the opinion, MrClean could create an awesome egyptian map. What I'd like to know: is it possible to create maps with a wintertime-scenario?
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RedFive unregistered
#16   03 Jul 2000
This map screams Instagib! Or maybe with the Corkscrew mod as you can use your RG to jump; it might seem weird bot on a map like this it's very practical. Another mod that works great on this map is Head Hunters Classic. But even in straight DM Heavy Duty is a lot of fun. Just make sure you put in a lot of bots or a lot of friends. An 8 from me.
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Cranial Bore unregistered
#15   03 Jul 2000
That's Awesome, weapon placement was very good. I think there should be a few less teleporters.


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SiCdeth unregistered
#14   02 Jul 2000
oh yeah score,


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SiCdeth unregistered
#13   02 Jul 2000
i like it alot.

out of the three maps that came out this week from some of the big boys out there (lunaran, mr.clean, bal) this is the best. and it probly has to do with the lighting, even though its butt ugly lighting :) it is good becuase it allows for good visability. the gameflow is also very nice and i like how everything is very well connected. the only things i didnt like about this map was:

1)the lift, even thought it is somewhat reminiscent (spelling?) it doesnt fit.

  1. the curved staircase with the railing, where it curves it gets a bit distorted and looks unprofessionally made.

in comparison to kihaku and MAD: i think MAD would be better in tourney (havent played HD in tourney yet though, neither have i played MAD in ffa) and kihaku was just ok anyway so i wont talk about it.

but to some it up, this is a very nice map in which i'll be playing for a while.

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4Fuxsake unregistered
#12   02 Jul 2000
very nice, very er clean
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Auhsan unregistered
#11   01 Jul 2000
Gameplay: Much better than Kihaku and MAD. This is a 1v1 map but plays great in FFA. The LG is really powerful in this map. It plays different that most of the Q3A maps.

Looks: Kinda disappointing but there's not the important part of this map...


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itchingmecrack unregistered
#10   01 Jul 2000
I think this map certainly plays better than this authors previous work. Mutually assured destruction and Kihaku (probably not spelled right) are much better looking but, to be blunt, I thought the gameplay on both of those maps was very dull and boring. I don't think I even have either one on my hard drive anymore. That said, this one will stay a while for it's gameplay. I look forward to Mr Cleans next release. I antiipate that he'll fuse the kind of good looks of his previous maps with the much improved gameplay of this one.

BTW, I wouldn't dull down a maps looks just to suit the pro players. They turn everything off/down anyway so it seems kind of irrelevant. Might as well make both parties happy. :) I think this map actually is kind of cool looking anyway though. Just a little plain in the lighting department but no biggie. Nobody stops to admire the lights while playing anyway.

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Dagwit unregistered
#9   01 Jul 2000
I suspect that Mr. clean could have produced a far fancier map, but aiming at pro play he has had to bear in mind that the standard for third-party pro maps has been set, neither by Quartz with The Final Hour (quartzdm1), so reminiscent - at least in the levelshot - of q3tourney2, nor ZTN with his jewel-like Beatbox (ztn3dm2), but by FxR|Jude's Wicked (q3jdm8a): plain as the proverbial pikestaff but superb connectivity, packing two small atria and a texture set he found at the bottom of Q3A's wardrobe into the first third-party map to be played in Q3A competition. Eye candy - frame-robbing eye candy, certainly - seems to be something the pro players have zero interest in. (Mr. Clean's comment about the lighting is also worth bearing in mind.)

On ozh and Johnny Law's comments about the teleports: I too wondered why they didn't transport you between levels rather than just atria. Johnny Law's comment about the absence of such movement making it easier to control the top level is interesting: I thought that the two atria were too separate to hope to control the top of both simultaneously, but linking the two top teleports together might just make the attempt easier.

It would be interesting to know if the teleports did originally link top and bottom, and if this was changed as a result of playtesting.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#8   01 Jul 2000
ozh, I think the point of not crosslinking the TP levels is that someone can try to deny the top level to you.

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Scythe unregistered
#7   01 Jul 2000
This map plays very well. You can see that a lot of thought went into item placement and layout. Mr. Clean intentionaly built Heavy Duty for Pro-Mode 1 on 1 tourney play, and given that, I think the map is a success.

I must say however, that while I was playing, it occurred to me that these days a map needs amazing visuals as well as great play to be considered a "classic".

Pro mapperss have really upped the ante in the graphics department and custom maps aren't always up to their visual standards. This is unlike the Quake and Quake 2 era when cutom maps were generally better looking than the levels that shipped with the games.

Just some thoughts....


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ozh unregistered
#6   01 Jul 2000
Quite disappointed by this map.

I find it too open and too wide to be really intense, it's a lot about railgunning from far.

The teleports quicken the action, for sure, but not enough imo.

One more thing : teleporting yourself keeps you at the same ledge. It may have been more interesting if one lower teleport sent you on a higher spawn, it would probably have quicken the game allowing for fast ledge changes. As it is, it's too linear (still imo :)

Not bad, sure. But not awesome.

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hhmz unregistered
#5   01 Jul 2000
zarathustra, you'll have to start making tourney maps then, i think you can do just fine, we can see that with your masterpiece in the top 10..
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Zarathustra unregistered
#4   01 Jul 2000
Jeez. I wouldn't mind having a|citizen beta testing my stuff. ;)
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Johnny Law unregistered
#3   01 Jul 2000
For a good-paced tourney game on this map you also have to know the routes and the item pickup sounds really well. Once you have an idea of where your opponent is and the fastest way to get to them, the game zips along pretty nicely. A lot like q3dm6 in that regard (except IMO a bit faster than that map).

Still, it'll never be as hectic as a game on (for example) q3jdm8a. That's cool... viva le difference. (Or however you spell that.)

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hhmz unregistered
#2   01 Jul 2000
Very good map, this one rox, with or without cpm.
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Mr.CleaN unregistered
#1   01 Jul 2000
Just to clear some thing up for the people who do not know the background on this map:

This map was developed for the Challenge-World mapping project, and was specifically designed with "pro" competition players in mind. (one of the reasons why the lighting is brighter and less atmospheric than I would usually make it). It was also developed somewhat with the use of ProMode in mind as well (the 1-v-1 action is much faster using ProMode, especially once you learn the map). Betatesting and tweak recommendations were done by a|citizen and team abuse (some great competitive players).

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