by Bal
Golconda by Bal
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Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#65   30 May 2023
I used to play this one with friends constantly back in the Q3A heyday. Brings back a lot of fond memories to load it up again. I agree with everything raspatan said. I'd also add that aesthetically this map has help up really well against the march of time. Aside from the sky box being obviously low resolution everything else still looks impressive.
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#64   25 May 2020
This is one of those map you just can't stop playing! Gameplay is brutal. The spaces are brilliantly connected. Weapons are very well placed (specially the granade launcher). Enough health and armor. Dominating the bottom floor is the key but it is at the same time very difficult. A shame bots don't pick up the mega or the red armor. This map would be very very fun against human(s). An absolute keeper!
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#63   10 Feb 2012
Wow! This map is very popular. The brushwork is amazing by looking at the screenshot. I will download this later.
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membrane Rep. 90
#62   17 Feb 2011
The use of lamps here is worth an award! One of the evergreen maps with great architecture and potential for exciting and funny battles..
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anonymous unregistered
#61   01 Jul 2009
I just love blue colored maps :)
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Tig Rep. 1612
#60   12 Sep 2008
Check the 'How to play a map' section in the F.A.Q.

Follow: Site -> F.A.Q. -> How to play a map

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jake unregistered
#59   12 Sep 2008
ho do i get it to work
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LGD*Foralarx unregistered
#58   13 Jan 2006
Ahh!! Golconda, Bal's second map. What fond memories I have of this one too. Cat and mouse round the pillar in the mega health / RA room ...leaping across the gap on the top level of the map. This map always felt so much more solid than "Ash Rain", Bal's first effort which we all throughly enjoyed. This map plays just as well with 2 players as it does with 4. A definate addition to anyone's keepers list.
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Milen unregistered
#57   02 Sep 2005
Very nice
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Pesho unregistered
#56   02 Sep 2005
Good blog
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Gravity Boots unregistered
#55   28 Jan 2003
If it wasn't for the RA/MH being next to each other I'd give this a 10, but it's only good for a 7 as it stands ATM
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NoNameFek unregistered
#54   21 Oct 2001
Putting the RA and Mega in the same spot is simply stupid. Can anyone say "campathon"? Oh wait, it's really "tactical lingering"...
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Halx unregistered
#53   10 Jun 2001
Really nice alien architecture, the blue ambient color match well. Good design work. Good gameflow. Another one please.
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JB unregistered
#52   31 May 2001
Bal, I just got to say you own. 3 of us played this map for hours at our last LAN.. just can't get enough.
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pokey unregistered
#51   31 Mar 2001
this is the best, most well balanced 1on1 tourney level i've been able to find. flow is great. weapon placement is wonderful. the only negative i have is that to balance the gameplay and keep someone from becoming a "tank" i have to disable either the megahealth or the red armor, which are close together. of course the water is a dead giveaway that you're headed towards them.

great map!!!!

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MtK unregistered
#50   23 Dec 2000
I Love to plat this map against 3 bots in the morning before work,small tight and fun, good map!
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Magic Helper unregistered
#49   14 Dec 2000
The jumping over and the shooting downward and the leaping around from ledges to walkways!

Very nice.

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DeathJester[cubik] unregistered
#48   10 Nov 2000
This level plays like a dream - everything is intuitive, every spot is easy to reach - the play is fast, and every opponent is immediately accessible. Download this now! Happy fraggage...
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Sundown unregistered
#47   25 Oct 2000
Somebody injected a Halls Menotho-Lyptus into a World Line. Damn fine, the best even, I could duel here for days. Bal should emigrate to the US and run for Prez. He'd get my vote. The MG-RA actually works on this map.
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Slayer unregistered
#46   03 Oct 2000
This map is cool, like the blue lighting n stuff. This map actually RULES! It is one cool map, althought Red Armour should have been a power-up, then it would be better. But really good, none the less.
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Rudy_the_SEAL unregistered
#45   20 Sep 2000
> you guys must not have played much quakeworld...

Hehe, I thought I'd leave this but...

First things first: I play 100% ProMode. If you don't
understand how this mod chages things, we're done.

I played TONS of QW brudda. I don't know who you play
on this map, but my fellas can quickly lock down the
double juicy...

Don't get me wrong... there is a lot about this map I like,
the author just needs to stop focusing players so hard :)

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a mapper unregistered
#44   01 Sep 2000
This level ROCKS!!!
Style, design, beauty...
Yeah!, i want Bal3dm3 just now
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not entered unregistered
#43   22 Aug 2000
you guys must not have played much quakeworld if you're complaining about someone getting big off just the RA and MH. it's not that hard to come back if someone else gets to those first because of the tick down. play it online or on a lan if you can, it's much different from playing bots. i've played it online quite a bit and camping has never been an issue.
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Rudy_the_SEAL unregistered
#42   18 Aug 2000

I agree man. This map degenerates into one fella
camping the red armore and blue ball. You can literally
win the instant you first spawn in. For 1v1 this map
is totally wrong. I mean spawn, 2 seconds and you're
200/200! What kind of moron digs this kind of stuff?

Split the two bombs and maybe it can get some serious

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Weezer unregistered
#41   14 Aug 2000
Okay, the whole f'n world thinks this is the Mac-daddy map. I differ. It's just OKAY. I keep looking for a velvet Elvis on one of those blue walls ...hmmmm
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Sp0ofY unregistered
#40   12 Aug 2000
This is a great map. I'm usually cautious about saying that but the map is great to play and looks cool, i love the blue style. I'm not sure about the ra and mh area, 2 pretty defensive things together, I think ra and a weapon or powerup would've been better. But all in all, i can't get enough of it. Great job. 9.
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Death2Uall unregistered
#39   12 Aug 2000
Only one thing bothers me about this map. The "fan" jump pads make it difficult to do a jump pad/rocket jump combo because the rocket goes through the fan grill. You can still do it if you aim to the side of the fan but then you bump your head on the invisible ceiling. It's a small gripe but RJ'ing off the pad near the teleport lets you fly all the way across to the other side of the map fast enough to make it really hard for the other guy to rail you. It's still possible but the low ceiling will screw you up at times.

I do like the map though. Quite a bit actually. Good work Bal. :)

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gorilla unregistered
#38   03 Aug 2000
hell yeah. good map. Awesome fast connectivity. Download it and keep it. You'll play it lots.
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stigmata unregistered
#37   01 Aug 2000
shit hot. Love it. pretty, fast, connected. Great map Bal, really deserves credit. Use of curves is excellent, and the texture set is good looking, but not distracting. Great stuff.
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Felonious unregistered
#36   29 Jul 2000
This map Rocks on instagib with 5/6 players. It's a keeper.
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K3RMiT unregistered
#35   25 Jul 2000
Really great map

Good job!

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KimSkiDOo unregistered
#34   21 Jul 2000
sehr geilses level...erinnert mich irgendwie n bisschen an q1-DM4. beste 1on1 map die ich kenne!!!
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than unregistered
#33   10 Jul 2000
I know this will happen.

Fingers releases ikbasev2
I release than_industrial

Everyone uses ikbasev2 because it looks better :)

Nah, who cares, Q3 needs more textures and I am looking forward to seeing what you have done with the old texture, Fingers.

Bal knows my opinion on this map already as I beta tested it a bit for him but I may as well just add...

... it rocks :)


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undeaDDisney unregistered
#32   06 Jul 2000
This map is better than the bathroom-map. This map is a swimmingpool-map. But earnestly: this map has a functioning botplay!
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Fingers unregistered
#31   05 Jul 2000
I don't know anything about how UT handles textures... In any case there's the fundamental difference that UT has detail maps and Q3A (officially) doesn't (so I don't make them).

Bal: Nahh.. The map looks good.. Just align those trims better ;p

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GrindSpire unregistered
#30   04 Jul 2000
Fingers > Release them for UT!

Bal > As I have told you before, a damn fine map.

XL > Stop commenting here and hurry up with XL1DM6 :-) And get a proper smiley :-)

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XL unregistered
#29   04 Jul 2000
XD Bal, it's a sexy map, don't worry about it.
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Bal unregistered
#28   03 Jul 2000
hehe, Lowgun, this map has been blue since the start, but I do admit that when lun released LDBST, I thought about changing all the textures to his set, as it looks 10 times better =)

Fingers, cant wait to see new version... is that a nice way of saying my map looks like shit tho? ;D

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LowGun unregistered
#27   03 Jul 2000
This map is good, but to say superior to Drink Beer and Shoot Things is going a bit far. I think LDBST looks like it was made with that color-scheme and this one may have been added as an afterthought after seeing LDBST. Just my opinion. This map is still a solid map on its own merits though scoring a solid 8 in my books.
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ResultsMayVary unregistered
#26   03 Jul 2000
The Good: Very nice use of curves, item placement very well done. Nice theme. Blue atmosphere adds nice futuristic touch. Very nice spacing, not too cramped, perfect for the 1-4 player matches.

The Bad: Not much really, just a few bots don't seem to like the water that much near the mega health.

Very nice map, with good flow!! a definate 9.

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Fingers unregistered
#25   03 Jul 2000
I know that "IKBASE set sucks flaming hairy dildo"... Which is why I've redone most of it... Will re-release in the foreseeable future...
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RedFive unregistered
#24   03 Jul 2000
I like this blue theme going on these days, first Lunaran's Drink Beer, and now this one. And it's also great in the gameplay department as was its predecessor. I find the textures to be a bit too flat though, making things dark and hard to see. If somebody or some bot has a dark skin, he can go on a serious rampage as he'll be camouflaged. In all, I give the map an 8.
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Bal unregistered
#23   03 Jul 2000
Lun =) actually, itll be bal3dm4... bal3dm3 is not blue...

Anyways, yeah, i totally agree on the bots, it seems that there is an exceptional feeling of sheer stupidity emanating from them =) But i was to lazy to fix'em, sorry to all those people who actually play those dumb bots =( Maybe try getting the Clockbot Demiurg was talking about back down, havent tried them yet, but i hear they are much better...

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The Riddler unregistered
#22   03 Jul 2000
Lunaran, you're starting to develop that megalomaniac laugh again. Up the voltage of your shock therapy - should do the trick; failing that, strap into 'Old Sparky' if you need something a bit extra.
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SiCdeth unregistered
#21   02 Jul 2000
ack too much blue!

its a very good map though, and it is pretty fun to play but i had problems with the default bots... it seems that there is an exceptional feeling of going back and forth through the teleporter shooting each other with the machine gun. thats all the bots usually did.

plus it was kinda hard to see the bots if they were too far away due to all the blueness.

overall, pretty fun dm, but not as good as bal3dm1.

i give it a 6

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Lunaran unregistered
#20   02 Jul 2000
"On a blue theme, so superior to "Let's drink beer and shoot things.'"

Hehe, won't you be surprised to see Bal's next map ... hahaha!

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FooL unregistered
#19   02 Jul 2000
Excellent. Everything is right on. And I have to agree with Bal, in this case the MH & RA together gave it a nice touch. Only thing I didn't approve of was the teleporter. Stupid bots run in and out of it back and forth over and over and over. May not be a big deal to some.....but I'm stuck with a krappy 56k dial-up. Pings at 350 on a good day, you do the math. Bot play is very important. (to me at least)
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XL unregistered
#18   02 Jul 2000
Rather sexy indeed.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#17   01 Jul 2000
I've removed an ad that some loser posted (in case you wanted to know where it went)
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OmniSmash unregistered
#16   01 Jul 2000
Wow, what can I say?

Excellent map from Bal, and another winner in terms of pure gameplay IMO ( jeez, that's 2 maps in the last two days that are top notch in gameplay )

Probably the only overpowered area is the Red armor right next to a megahealth; everything else seems nicely balanced IMO :)

Also has a more 'Quake3ish' architectural style than Lunar's "Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things", which may make this map more appealing to gamers uninspired by Quake 2 style looks ;)

Here's a 9 for ya, Bal.

PS: And who is that 'Not Entered" spammer?
I'm here to pick up Quake3 maps and to voice an opinion on them, not to be advertised to :)

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Sehlio unregistered
#15   01 Jul 2000
Ah i see Bal, thanx for the info.

not entered below me is that a q3 mod? Is it involved with q3 at all? :)

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4Fuxsake unregistered
#14   01 Jul 2000
why cant I get this map? I downloaded it 3x from fileplanet and it says bad crc, also got the one from Bals site same prob?
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Bal unregistered
#13   01 Jul 2000
Thanks for the feedback guys...
Sehlio, about the skybox prob, taht seems to happen with any skybox in q3, which i suppose is why they didnt use them alot...

About the RA/MH I really wanted a more q1ish feel, and either of them alone just doesnt give u enough power... I still prefer it as it is, but then again, im no pro duel player =)

Thanks again to tig for putting this up on ..::LvL, rocking site...

-Benoit "Bal" Stordeur

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Auhsan unregistered
#12   01 Jul 2000
Great Work!!!!
This one really rulz!

Better for FFA than Tourney.

Triangular lights and Blue ambient!!! yeah!!!


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itchingmesack unregistered
#11   01 Jul 2000
Pretty sweet map. I agree that the RA and MH are way too close together which kind of ruins tourney play IMO. This is the second time in about a week now that I've seen a mapper do that...
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not entered unregistered
#10   01 Jul 2000
It's worth noting that FILE PLANET SUCKS. I just downloaded the Combat Mission demo (30MB) and Strat3D (22MB) in only a few minutes. It ISN'T my end, so if FilePlanet is sucking so badly, why are those GameSpy guys putting so much effort into new crap (GameSpy Arcade) rather than figuring out WHY FILE PLANET SUCKS...
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Sehlio unregistered
#9   01 Jul 2000
I enjoyed the map for awhile but on my system anyway when i went down the stairs shown in the pic up there, taking the first step would cause some weird shift in the sky. Did anyone else get that?
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Friction unregistered
#8   01 Jul 2000
My brother keeps nagging on how IKBASE set sucks flaming hairy dildo but I do think it fits here really well. And no caution stripes, huge bonus from that :) Gameplay is solid, and 5 player FFA:s are slaughterfests. I do have one nit though. You should never be able to touch the skybox. Some fence behind the upper jumppad would have been nice. 9/10 - Excellent work.
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Excessus unregistered
#7   01 Jul 2000
Despite the fact it uses some sort of a very disgusting triangular lights, the map is well constructed, very inspired and extremely playable. Bon Bal Bon!
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Grack unregistered
#6   01 Jul 2000
Oh, also, forgot the this part... Loved the map...very stylish and a bit different from others out there. Plays VERY well and looks just as good... it gets 9/10!
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Grack unregistered
#5   01 Jul 2000
Map... is... good... but I'm sure you're sick of me by now Bal =)
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Tyre unregistered
#4   01 Jul 2000
One of the best maps I've played recently, and that's saying something. On a blue theme, so superior to "Let's drink beer and shoot things". The intervisibility from one part of the map to another is particularly fine; there are lots of places where you can go and think "ah - I can see THERE from here!". Highly commended.
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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#3   01 Jul 2000
Very nice tourney map. Fast and furious. Only complaint is the placement of the MH and RA being right next to each other in the pool. Very easy to dominate in a tourney...less likely in a small deatchmatch, but still possible if you're skilled. Otherwise, this map rocks.
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demiurg unregistered
#2   01 Jul 2000
A tip for botplay: Use Clockbot instead of the default bots, as it is superior - timing the RA/MH, using the jumppads effectively and so on.

A great map btw.

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Jim unregistered
#1   01 Jul 2000
Overall i found this map one of the best I ve played. The texturing was good the weapon placement was good apart from an anoying placed railgun, with the rocket launcher being the dominating weapon. But most of all I thought the game play was excellent!!

On the whole a brillent map:)

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