Heavy Duty
Title : Heavy Duty - Final Release
PK3 Name : mrcq3t3.pk3
Date : June 25, 2000
Author : Todd 'Mr.CleaN' Rose
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page : www.planetquake.com/mrclean/

Thanks to : id Software (of course), betatesters

betatesters : Team Abuse, esp. a|citizen

Addtional Info : Merged wall textures w/trim created from original id Q3 textures
windquiet.wav created from baseq3\sound\world\wind2.wav, adjusted for lower volume

Final Release -minor cosmetic adjustments

RC, ver 0.5 (6.17.00) -replaced gl ammo at teleport overlook w/ lg ammo
-added quiet ambient wind sound

Alpha Test, ver 0.4 (6.13.00) -revision suggestions per a|citizen
-switched weapon placement
-replaced 50h with MH
-replaced two lower SG ammo's with 25h
-replaced upper 25h with 5h
-switched rg/gl ammo in large room by upper stairs

Alpha Test, ver 0.3 (6.03.00) -created merged textures for wall w/trim
-aligned wall and trim textures throughout map
-reduced width on trigger_teleports so player does not teleport through frame
-changed some lighting placement/values
-added ambient lighting to brighten up walls and shadows a bit
-added some details (banners)

Alpha Test, ver 0.2 (5.17.00)
-initial placement of all weaps, ammo, items
-reasonable facsimile of intended lighting (not all fixture in place)
-added info_player_intermissions
-Changed name from 'Heavy Duty' to 'No Sanctuary'

Alpha Layout, ver 0.1 (5.16.00)
-minimum entities
-minimum lights
-minimum detailing

* Play Information *

Game : Quake 3
Bot Match : Route Included
Deathmatch : 1on1
Capture The Flag : No

* MAP Information *

BSP Name : maps/mrcq3t3.bsp
Shader Name : scripts/mrcq3t3.shader
Textures : textures/mrcq3t3/*
Sounds : sound/movers/plats/*
Extra LIGHT : Yes
VIS level 4 : Yes

* Construction *

Base : New
New Textures : teleport, sky textures
New Shaders : teleport, sky shaders
Construction Time :
Editor used : Q3Radiant (build 181)
Qutilities : Q3MAP
Other utilities : BSPC, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro

* Copyright / Permissions *

All original and composed textures in this level remain property of
Todd 'Mr.CleaN' Rose.

All original and edited shaders in this level remain property of
the sources respective owners.

You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
You MAY use the textures and shaders but give credit where credit is due.

You MAY distribute this PK3 in any electronic format (BBS, Internet,
CD, etc) as long as you contact me first, include all files intact in
the original archive, and send me a free copy (if it's a CD :) Thanks.