Atomic Flow
Atomic Flow by Cole Savage
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#40   25 Dec 2014
The bug described in comment #5 by 0xide happened to me a few times wich really brings down the replay value of this map...
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Anonymous Howard unregistered
#39   04 Feb 2009
This is a good map, but that teleporter-leaves-you-stuck-in-the-wall issue makes it a non-playable map. Sad, really. Otherwise great gameplay, good-looking map too.
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p4ngo unregistered
#38   23 Apr 2002
Jeez, We're playing for Warmups since Years now... it really needs to be fixed... this Teleporte that leaves u stuck in the Wall :(... besides that.. it's a damn funny Map..
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Nitebeat unregistered
#37   26 Dec 2001
This map is in one of my "map rotation"cfgs. I really like it, it's fast and great gameplay.
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Steinecke unregistered
#36   04 May 2000
Bots get stuck in the wall by using the teleporter.
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Senior Teflon unregistered
#35   19 Apr 2000
Fast action in a tight, attractive level. Action has a tendency to cluster around the jump pad room (at least playing against bots), but it's a small enough level that it doesn't take much to get back into the thick of things after falling victim to a well-placed rocket. Lots of frags on a level that's more than easy on the eyes.
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doom unregistered
#34   13 Apr 2000
best quake 3 dm map ever!!
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miles666 unregistered
#33   29 Mar 2000
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miles666 unregistered
#32   29 Mar 2000
now this is tha shiznit!!!! frags forever in this short but sweet deathmatch. anyone that doesn't like should go back to playing unreal tournament. haha
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miles666 unregistered
#31   29 Mar 2000
now this is tha shiznit!!!! frags forever in this short but sweet deathmatch. anyone that doesn't like should go back to playing unreal tournament. haha
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Leviathen unregistered
#30   24 Mar 2000
Niiiiiiice map

lots o fun

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bla unregistered
#29   11 Mar 2000
phat level
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Octovus unregistered
#28   17 Feb 2000
I haven't played it to much, but if anything struck me.. classic gothic. That's fine, it's just that I wish more people who made worthwhile maps (like this one) would use (or design) different themes, instead of leaving that for the people who couldn't make a good map in the first place. But I'm rambling... overall great job!

Happy fraggin! Octovus

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Sundown unregistered
#27   12 Feb 2000
Nice, quick and compact level. You can get some serious flowage goin'. Carbon-based units only though...its too easy to make bot-chunks here. Reminds me of an ex-girlfriend's dorm room.
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Thingie unregistered
#26   02 Feb 2000
WOOHAA this thing is gooooood.. man I loved the construction, the gameplay and the atmosphere. I really really enjoyed this one and would recommend it to anyone.
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rapid unregistered
#25   20 Jan 2000
Very fun map. However, I'm getting really sick of the Gothic texture set. I think map designers need several good, solid texture paks.
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#24   19 Jan 2000
Probably one of the best q3 maps so far...loved everything about it...Why can't mappers make more like this??
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not entered unregistered
#23   16 Jan 2000
the best map id maps included
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Jimmy unregistered
#22   16 Jan 2000
Off topic: Yeah that Japan pack kicks major butt!! I'm totally addicted to it.

I know there isn't public map advertising here but thanks for the link to those maps Hobbes, hopefully they won't remove the link here.

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Hobbes unregistered
#21   15 Jan 2000
I forgot there was a dm version L

<double clicks q3a icon>

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/// Type 40 unregistered
#20   15 Jan 2000
Ta, Hobbes.

P.S. - Japanese Castle DM & CTF? Sorry Vexar, this one takes top honours!

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Hobbes unregistered
#19   15 Jan 2000
type40 - look around for a crate (you'll have to noclip to find it) look around the hole that drops down to the YA.

Thats probably the biggest problem atm re: q3a maps the texture set does not encourage a diverse range of styles. too achieve a standout style your either going to have to use the shaders and textures very creatively or bring in custom textures.

Heres one. Everybody knows how steed makes models and stuff after the release, and maybe a few more maps get put out byt zoid/willits... maybe. what about textures? Maybe we could get the texture artists at id to make some sort of texture adon pack? with different style sets? it'd allow for the diversity in map themes we want and if it was an offical pack then you could make wildy different styles but not make the users have to d/l a ton of new textures to get it.

btw... go get g1zmos japanese ctf!

"thats what im talkin about" - gabe

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/// Type 40 unregistered
#18   15 Jan 2000
The author makes mention of an Easter egg in the map... anyone found it yet?
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Stone Cold Spider 3:16 unregistered
#17   15 Jan 2000
Great map cool design and GIBS everywhere

ID MAPS SUCK (except for 2 or 3)

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Frib unregistered
#16   15 Jan 2000
Realm: I agree totally, the problem is the near total lack of any textures other than 'gothic'.

There's a few modern/tech textures in q3, but very little, and most of them don't mix too well.

Thankfully Fingers released some ikbase textures, hopefully people will release some other quality stuff, and we can start to see some more unique maps.

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Realm unregistered
#15   15 Jan 2000
Overall, nice job. I like the design and feel of the level. But, nothing personal. I'm getting a bit tired of everyone creating a gothic style map. I think we need more original maps being created. But again nothing personal, very nice design. :)


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GibFest unregistered
#14   15 Jan 2000
Damn Tigger beat me again, I`ll have the review up soon.

Damn fine map.

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Deadstar unregistered
#13   15 Jan 2000
Nice map (for those that haven't figured it out yet ;)

Grab it!

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f|ush unregistered
#12   15 Jan 2000
Ahh a good map seems. played it at a freinds house.Tis good. downloading it rite now :D
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ACK! LOL unregistered
#11   14 Jan 2000
23:14... wrong comment board. meant for fognhell. oopsy. =)
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tapped unregistered
#10   14 Jan 2000
ANOTHER nice map... damn... yes... they're starting to come... come to papa... come to papa... =)

one thing that wouldn't been cool (imho): a 'switch' to lower the center platform into the fog in the... fog (duh) room... traps are cool, and i haven't seen many in the q3 maps. that would've been a great opportunity for one. just mho though.

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Frib unregistered
#9   14 Jan 2000
Nice map. :)

Quite stylish, solid gameplay. Yes those light crosses are damn cool, too.

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kenny unregistered
#8   14 Jan 2000
Man I love this map :)

furious action and gibbs everywhere!!!!!!

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Raven unregistered
#7   14 Jan 2000
Yeah good map, plays well with the bots also, a bonus for me, as i am a Bot only DM'er. Great stuff!!
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Vondur unregistered
#6   14 Jan 2000
Made with love...

Made with knowing the bases...

Made with good tricks...

And i liked cross lites of course...

[id maps must be forgotten!]

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0xide unregistered
#5   14 Jan 2000
Very cool.

This map has a bug though. If you go through the plasma gun teleporter slowly or press the back key as you teleport, you get stuck in the wall.

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Killer unregistered
#4   14 Jan 2000
First off /me slaps Shambler about a bit with a f00king huge trout :-)

Now thats over, a very nice map indeed. Good solid construction and a decent layout. Sound lighting and some nice architectural detail. One very very minor gripe is the teleporters but that's only 'cos I'm not a teleporter fan at all, hate the damn things :-)

Nice work Cole.

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Khabal unregistered
#3   14 Jan 2000
Great map! It just the right size for 3 or 4 people. It moves fast, it looks great.

Nice job.

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I am a twat. unregistered
#2   14 Jan 2000
/me slaps Shambler around with a f00king huge trout.

God I hate it when something doesn't post but secretly it is =(

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Shambleeeeeeeeeh unregistered
#1   14 Jan 2000
This is a class map. All you dicks who have been bl33ting on about the "3 jumpads and some fog in a box" maps as if they were any good, just look at this for a stylish, well designed, cleanly made map, and learn something about what is good and what is bad.

Favourite bits include:

  1. Overall solid design and layout.
  1. The light coming out of the crosses, pure style.
  1. The very nice RL area.
  1. The little bit of level outside the window above the YA.

Stuff w0t could be improved:

  1. RL area is very much the highlight of the map, some areas can seem plain in comparison.
  1. More complex 3D room designs would be better, as some rooms are quite simple.
  1. Bit heavy on the old clipping??
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