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Atomic Flow
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game : Quake 3 (DM) Map Title : Atomic Flow Map Filename : atomic.bsp URL : http://www.dodgenet....ls/quake3/atomic/ Release Date : Friday, January 7th, 1999 Author : Cole Savage E-mail : **email removed** Author Homepage : http://www.dodgenet.com/~cole/ Other Levels : You can find all my previous work at http://www.dodgenet.com/~cole/levels/ Description : A small-medium sized Quake 3 deathmatch map intended for 1 on 1 play. Originally part of my "Mancer X4" DM pack I was going to do for Q3 but decided not to for various reasons. Sorry to those who knew about it and were looking forward to it. This map has actually been complete since the day after Q3 Radiant came out. I picked up Q3R and all that Q3 editing stuff pretty quickly and this is the result. I was hesitant to release this map after I decided not to do X4.. But after I played it for the first time in DM there was no doubt that I had to. I am really pleased with the way this map plays in deathmatch. Try it for yourself against some human opponents, bots just don't do the flow justice because they rarely use the "main" set of teleporters. Enjoy! Oh yeah.. This is the first map I have released in awhile that doesn't have crates everywhere, so if you find the little "easter egg" you'll know what that is all about.. Quick Q&A : Atomic Flow 2? Most likely.. I have a map which was supposed to be another map in that X4 thing I was doing. I'll probably release it, it still needs a bit of work though. Keep an eye on my /levels/ dir if you're interested. Additional Credits to : id Software for the awesome game Epic for that other awesome game and that one awesome company with that made that one awesome game All the peeps off IRC who helped test this map in DM raygunn for the insane bug reports and for the idea to give all the cross lights that beam effect (looks great) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** INSTALLATION *** 1) Extract atomic.zip into your quake3\baseq3\ directory 2) Start Quake 3 and press the tilde (~) key to bring down the console 3) Type "map atomic" in the console and you should be ready to roll *** TO PLAY BOTS ON THIS MAP *** 1) Be sure you have the map loaded and bring down the console 2) Type "addbot <botname> <skill>" (ex. "addbot sarge 5" and you'd play sarge on nightmare) 3) You're set.. For more bot options just type "addbot" and it will give them to you * Construction Information * Base : New level from scratch Editor(s) used : Q3R Build Time : 1 day, 1 night Build Machine : Celeron 400 w/ 128 megs RAM and a TNT2U Known Bugs : none * Copyright / Permissions * Copyright (c) 1999 Cole Savage (**email removed**). This level may be electronically distributed only at no charge to the recipient, and may not be modified in any way. This text file must be included with the level. This level may not be distributed on any commercial CD-ROM without prior, explicit consent from Cole Savage (**email removed**).
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