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Fog in Hell
Fog in Hell by Matt Sefton
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Nitebeat unregistered
#17   29 Jul 2002
This map isn't bad. Just didn't feel like playing it over and over again.. =-/

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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#16   08 Aug 2000
It's like a baby Hero's Keep, really nice to look at and play in but way too small for anything other than 1 on 1. Not that that's bad, but bear it in mind when downloading this one. I'd love to see this one's older, bigger brother...


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Senior Teflon unregistered
#15   19 Apr 2000
Good gameplay, with architecture that strikes a nice balance between function and beauty. You can't ignore where you're setting your feet (especially in the red fog room), but I don't feel like I'm fighting the architecture, either. My only complaint is that it's awfully easy to camp the rocket launcher and then cream everyone below.
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bob unregistered
#14   28 Jan 2000
Why dont you whiney little women stop nagging at each other and grow up? Look at yourselves, at least argue about something worthwhile.
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MadlemgeN unregistered
#13   20 Jan 2000
<"passe" and "dated" mean the <same thing and they're <synonyms too

So this isn't redundant?

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not entered unregistered
#12   18 Jan 2000
In the dictionary under "redundant" does it say "See redundant?"
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Mr Pedantic unregistered
#11   17 Jan 2000
"..."passe" and "dated" mean the same thing...."

"...they both mean the same thing as eachother..."

It's like you're repeating yourself over again and over again for no reason.

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not entered unregistered
#10   17 Jan 2000
"passe" and "dated" mean the same thing and they're synonyms too, so saying both words is just redundant. It's like you're repeating yourself over again and over again for no reason, since they both mean the same thing as eachother.

Oh, BTW...great map! It's great!

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Peej unregistered
#9   15 Jan 2000
still a sucky map. too flat, too boring, too "my first Quake map", too "i don't know how to use the engine"... do i need to go on, this map needed some serious beta testing.
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The pilgrim unregistered
#8   15 Jan 2000
I thought the map was a bit small, but I liked the tex use around the lava.
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f|ush unregistered
#7   15 Jan 2000
I played this map a week a go and it was great. Who says we need more weapons? weapons are fine on this lvl ;]
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tapped unregistered
#6   14 Jan 2000
ANOTHER nice map... damn... yes... they're starting to come... come to papa... come to papa... =)

one thing that wouldn't been cool (imho): a 'switch' to lower the center platform into the fog in the... fog (duh) room... traps are cool, and i haven't seen many in the q3 maps. that would've been a great opportunity for one. just mho though.

...and what's that crap about needing another weapon? = just FINE, thank you.

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Stone Cold Spider 3:16 unregistered
#5   14 Jan 2000

Love it =)

Fog in Hell 4eva!!!!!!

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RedFive unregistered
#4   14 Jan 2000
Very nice map! I love maps using the "Fog of Death" just for the eerie glow it gives the room. Now I can't wait for some mapper to do a REALLY foggy map a la q3tourney5, but one with gaping pits waiting to take hapless victims!
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Raven unregistered
#3   14 Jan 2000
Nice map, enjoy playing it, better than alot, but not as good as some. I found with the second release that the bots were easier to beat than in the first??. The aas files are different sizes ? so because of this i tend to use the first release.(a shame) I only play the bots, my connection and location suck
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MogWaEE unregistered
#2   14 Jan 2000
Very nice tight map... nothing fancy, but it's a lot of fun. This one is staying on my hdd.
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NathanSkye unregistered
#1   14 Jan 2000
A nice tight map...the lack of weapons is less of a problem to me then to other reviewers. In such tight quarters, it's quite possible to machine-gun or even gauntlet a few kills.

The level allows for quite a variety of combat, and I saw shotgun duels taking place at the same time as railgun sniping. The author did a good job with the 'Doom' type of feel, sometimes atmosphere is overlooked in a map.

The respawn spots are a bit of a complaint, though, as it's fairly easy to grab the rail gun and just camp out the nearby respawn spot. :(

All in all, though...a very fun level...definatly worth a d/l.


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