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CTF Longest Yards
CTF Longest Yards by Schlong Chimp
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leilei Rep. 297
#15   18 Nov 2017
Ignore Fragtastic. He always comments on every old map assuming the author's still there reading the comments after 17 years, and he's been recently exposed as a fraud for submitting someone else's map from 2001 as his own work.
Edited 1.23 minutes after the original posting.
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Chimp unregistered
#14   17 Nov 2017
At the time DM17 wasn't a "classic".. I put this out about 2 weeks after Q3 came out. It was a huge pain because Radiant didn't handle the mirroring very well. I ended up doing the mirroring in a text editor, then importing that. If you don't like it, don't download it, or better yet... do your own map, and enjoy the thoughtful critique and advice people will give you.
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FragTastic Rep. 1420
#13   29 Jul 2012
I didn't understand why Q3DM17 had to be turned into a bloody CTF map. It doesn't make any sense and is a complete waste of time. I understand that yeah you can duplicate the bases and yeah the idea works but it's worthless. No one can change DM17 because the original is the best.
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CZghost Rep. 1455
#12   21 Apr 2012
The flag bases are badly textured. Thumbs down for this.
But the concept is good - thumbs up...
My vote: 5/10
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Scorpion Tank unregistered
#11   11 Sep 2011
This map looks very bad. Definetly not worth to download unless you like q3dm17 changed. i was expecting a better conversion.
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CrAsH47 unregistered
#10   14 Apr 2002
I am now downlaoding the map and it looks pretty good! It looks like it kicks ass~!@
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Danion unregistered
#9   08 Feb 2001
i liked it alot i dont know about any of you other guy nut this level rocks on a LAN
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Deserto8-Sweden unregistered
#8   27 Aug 2000
Well I have almost ALL ctf maps out there...I must say one thing though, i tryed map with bots on NIGHTMARE and... I WON!

Rebuild map into something else.

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not entered unregistered
#7   28 May 2000
this map isnt all that bad, i have played worse, so to all of you negative players get over it,
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skyman unregistered
#6   03 Mar 2000
so this version wasn't but I do have one that is very similar (not hard since id gave it away) mine has completly different textures and fps in the 100fps range
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skyman unregistered
#5   03 Mar 2000
this was stolen from my harddrive...it was never ment to be released in this state. I would like to know who uploaded it
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B unregistered
#4   24 Feb 2000
I didn't think it was physically possible, but this both sucks and blows.
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Grunt unregistered
#3   23 Feb 2000
I go with the other guys. When I saw the posts I can't figure why I downloaded it at all. I can't understand what you were thinking when you made this map. With bots it's easy like hell to get the flag, and you win the game after 2-3 minutes. Made a better map 'til next time huh?!

The Swedish Grunt

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TimeShard unregistered
#2   01 Feb 2000
In the tradition of Homer Simpson, this is the suckiest piece of suck I've ever sucking sucked. Mother sucker :-)
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===AndysAlien=== unregistered
#1   31 Jan 2000
This is the crappiest map ever

osme of the areas in the map dont ever get used cause they arent in the path of the flags

and its a bloody cheap copy of a good map made crap

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