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CTF Longest Yards
Jan 3, 2000 Instructions: ------------- 1 ) Extract q3scctf1.pk3 into your Quake3/baseq3/ directory 2 ) Start Quake3 3 ) To play CTF Longest Yards (Description below) type "map q3scctf1" * Note make sure your config file has sv_pure set to 0 or you can't load external maps. Add bots or play it online... Information: ------------ Title : CTF Longest Yards for Quake3 Players : 1-8 players ( more than that is a little crazy ) Filename : q3scctf1.pk3 Author : Kelly "Schlong Chimp" Kleider Email Address : **email removed** Additional Credits to : Splat and Akira for testing. Thanks to id for putting out such a great game(s), and Q3Radiant! Gameplay Specifics: ------------------- This level is q3dm17 mirrored about the railgun platform. There is no place to hide on the level... :) I liked the "bouncey level" so much that I wanted to play it CTF style. The rail rules on this level.... Construction: ------------- Base : Mirrored From Dm17 ( with a few mods ) Editor used : Q3Radiant for Quake3 was used for everything... Build time : Not sure really... :( Compile time : ~2 hours to compile, ~15 mins for bot compile * Copyright / Permissions * Go ahead and play this sucker online, distribute it, etc. But, if your thinking about putting this on a shovelware CD, stop thinking. Questions? Comments? Problems? Requests? Feel free to mail me at **email removed** Chimp.
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