Over Under
Over Under by TwitchFactor
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not entered unregistered
#27   12 Jun 2000
Bots... ok? ...What are you on about Steinecke? Every bot got stuck at the elevators when i played it. Ruins an otherwise excellent map too. Pity.
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Steinecke unregistered
#26   12 Jun 2000
Planetquake isn't really free. Advertisments, undercover-marketing, selling information...etc.
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not entered unregistered
#25   11 Jun 2000
PlanetQuake is free and is great. Wow you unapreciative fuck. Because of idiots like you

web sights will eventually cost money for us to browse there, dont look a giftquake in the mouth.

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Kurupt unregistered
#24   10 Jun 2000
The Reason No-one can get on ftp servers is cos hl pacth is out with tfc 1.5 and cs beta 6.5 it took me half an hour to get on counterstrike.net ffs
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peter watson unregistered
#23   10 Jun 2000
Nice to see a change from that repetitive gothic scene. Kewl map, keep it up.
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MeLoN~ unregistered
#22   09 Jun 2000
This author has potential, and I am looking forward for more maps from TwitchFactor. I like the tech theme a lot and it was executed well in this map. Good item placement, but the gameflow was not as good as it should have been for some reason. Very fun for the tech theme lovers...8/10.
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BigFrickinGun unregistered
#21   09 Jun 2000
Holy god, i couldnt stand all the doors and red lights and stuff. 2 minutes into the game, its in the recycle bin. Sorry.
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Patridiot unregistered
#20   09 Jun 2000
I like the vertical aspect but it seems to be a bit lacking in flow. I give it a 7 based on the the only thing that matters, gameplay.
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Dutch unregistered
#19   09 Jun 2000
I dont like the clash of different textures .I'm not really a techno fan though. Others may find it amusing.
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Steinecke unregistered
#18   09 Jun 2000
Bots... ok. Looks somehow very ID-like. Not my cup of tea... but maybe yours! Have a try!
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Han unregistered
#17   09 Jun 2000
There are now two places were you can get the file:

US: www.twitchfactor.c...z/overunder.zip

NL: www.xs4all.nl/~hanb/overunder.zip

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TwitchFactor unregistered
#16   08 Jun 2000
I guess everyone could grab it from my site...


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maN[i]Ac unregistered
#15   08 Jun 2000
Hey, Tigger-on, why don't you just move this site to another host? I hear you complaining about PQ (with good cause) almost every week (it seems), but you could fairly easily move to a different server. Why not? PQ is not the be-all-end-all of Quake hosts like some people seem to think it is.
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keditok unregistered
#14   08 Jun 2000
gibworld has notbeen anmy problem at all, in the laeast, never for me. but I don't get thousands of visitors a day either (hits).

WEll, TF, I'm glad you mixed the sets, my thoughts are the same, tho I've been traumatized for doing this, so I may never mix sets again . . .AAAAGH . . .j/k.

Have yet to take a look at your map.

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Dutch unregistered
#13   08 Jun 2000
Yes I am starting to think everyone should post an alternate Dl local because this seems to happening more and more. GRRRRRR!
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Niptlar unregistered
#12   08 Jun 2000
Hey, TwitchFactor, do you have an alternate download location?
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hooter England U.K. unregistered
#11   08 Jun 2000
look at that download meter fly!!
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hhmz unregistered
#10   08 Jun 2000
this sux.. Try to test your links bfore posting it dude, nothing more annoying then a link that wont work.
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Muppet unregistered
#9   08 Jun 2000
Hey guys, give the GSN a break, think of all teh sites hammering the poor servers for the halflife patch.

And they "claim" to have fixed the FTP problem. But well see :)

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TwitchFactor unregistered
#8   08 Jun 2000
Glad to see a review of my level.

Sad to see that people are having problems getting it, and that the comments section has turned into a techsupport forum.

Hey Tig, thanks for putting the level up... I can't wait to get feedback from everyone.

Glad to see someone not berate me for "mixing" texture sets. To me, if the texture fits, why not use, no matter what the filename says.

This level addresses a lot of the problems people had to with Maximum Chaos (my first map), like; too dark and cramped.

It also has quite a bit of doors, which bother some people. Unfortunetly, without the doors, too much was being drawn and it ran like a pig (do pigs run slowly?).

My goal with every map is to;

  1. Learn more/perfect my craft.
  1. Experiment with some slightly new idea.
  1. Keep it playble (~30fps) on an "average" machine (~300mhz/TNT or Voodoo2).
If I make a level that runs great on just my machine, it'll get no server time.

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skull unregistered
#7   08 Jun 2000
Telefragged seem to be a lot better atm and they do support asp if you need it. I moved my GSN site there some time ago because I got pissed off too much

lol @ RiO

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RiO unregistered
#6   08 Jun 2000
I run another GSN site and I must agree with y'all. We've had four FTP troubles in the last Week: 3 with FTP and 1 with cdrom.com.

Microsoft has better Tech Support right now. And that's saying something.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#5   08 Jun 2000
Yep.. i've emailed the GSN tech support - if you wish to email them yourself the address is - techsupport@gamespynetwork.com

be sure to let them know exactly how this sort crap makes you feel (ie, not being able to grab the files from the ftp servers), cause i'm damn pissed at them!

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WTF?! unregistered
#4   08 Jun 2000
Hell ! What is wrong with the links all the fucking time I visit this site (which rocks btw!) ?! Is it really that hard to get an ordinary xoom or geocities account ? If the Gamespy Crew wasn't able to solve the big big Problems we encounter from the beginning of the year on, I seriously doubt that they will ever solve them.

Hell, I've tried to grab this map for about 5 god damn hours and I just had to release myself and let everybody know how pissed I am right now :-)

I didn't want to offend anyone here working on this cool site. Just make sure you get hosted somewhere else !

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Han unregistered
#3   08 Jun 2000
I also checked your own ftp server at ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/...tquake/lvl/m-r/. Its not there. What went wrong. BTW this is my favourite map site. its gr8.
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Error 404 unregistered
#2   08 Jun 2000
this link doesnt work for everybody! plz make sure links work from beginning on!
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Um.. unregistered
#1   08 Jun 2000
The download links aren't working for me. I'm just getting the "unable to open page" or whatever it says error with both of them (actually the fileplanet one opens until the download is supposed to start, then i get the blank page).

Oh, btw, thanks for the link to the mapman program Tig. That thing is a dream come true. :)

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