McKinley Remember'd
McKinley Remember'd by rmbuddha
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#13   24 Mar 2021
the use of sky is a little weird here. While it gives a more airy and open feel to the rooms, the bases sit partly on top of the middle area. Sometimes you will catch glimpses of wall sections and even player sprites, as they move through the bases, flickering in the sky above.
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MoeJoe unregistered
#12   18 Jul 2001
This map looks good. I don't really like the deathpit, but that's alright :).

p.s. Have you ppl tryed classic ctf mod for q3 at

It has a lot of classic q1/q2 stuff, like some remakes, grapple, tech and more :)

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MadPt unregistered
#11   23 Jan 2001
I agree with what Spooky said.

I miss Quake2 CTF and LMCTF : )

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Spooky unregistered
#10   22 Jan 2001
I think McKinley revival is THE best CTF map ever. No CTF map can even come close. And the second best map for CTF is then Smelter. I really miss quake 2 CTF, all teh mods that are coming out for half-life and Quake 3 are ruining the way CTF was origionaly ment to be played.
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OGO[I_AM_HAMP] unregistered
#9   13 Dec 2000
i don't care ware to kill
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rmbuddha unregistered
#8   14 Jun 2000
I missed Quake ctf (no internet connection at the time) and discovered q2ctf1 with Q2. Zoid made McKinley Revival on which I took inspiration.

I didn't ask for permission as I in no way broke any sort of copyright. The map was inspired by another but was created from scratch. The layout may be similar, but it's not the same.

Thanks for all of the comments.

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RiO unregistered
#7   10 Jun 2000
Steinecke, it is indeed a remake of an Old 3wave Q1 map called McKinly base (CTF). The author is not the same.

The fog pits were a good idea, but tight stairways just don't work in Quake 3 - and did the author consult 3wave to get copy permission first?

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D3FC0N unregistered
#6   08 Jun 2000
I remember the original McKinley base. That was the first map of Q1CTF I played. I was hooked on Q1CTF and I still think it's one of the best ways to play Q1. Q2 had McKinley Revival which was a badass map, making for VERY interesting situations with the layout and all. If anybody remembers, the railgun placement in that map was the bizomb. Too bad Q2CTF sucked. Q3ACTF is good though, and I am curious to see how this one goes.
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TheButler unregistered
#5   08 Jun 2000
Hmmm, I personally don't like it much... its too slow moving, and the layout has been altered too much - jump pads instead of ramps, for example. The hallways seem to have expanded, too - it takes a lot longer to get from one base to the other. But then again, I'm not much of a fan of Q3CTF (ie, I hate it :-), and I never played Q1CTF (I didn't know it existed - a lack of net access at the time :-), so McKinley will always remain q2ctf1 to be played in q2 for me....but a very nice effort - Its would be nostailga, if I could spell it :-). I think I'll go and play some Q2CTF now....
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Wonko unregistered
#4   08 Jun 2000
AAAArgh i've seen adaptations/remakes of q2ctf1 a lot! i really die for the rest of the dm and ctf maps to be adapted to q3, hopefully id hear us and releases a "classic map pack"
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not entered unregistered
#3   08 Jun 2000
>>Clean design with a farmilar layout

oi 'ave you seen me tractor ;0)

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rockN79 unregistered
#2   08 Jun 2000
I am not a Q2 CTF player (never was), but I think this is a remake of q2ctf1, originally done by Zoid. The layout/item placement has been altered a little bit (I believe). I haven't played this one, because the dl isn't working.
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Steinecke unregistered
#1   08 Jun 2000
Is the following correct: This map is just a remake? Was the original version by the same author? Please, tell me. I don't know.
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