Goldeneye's Complex
Goldeneye's Complex by SMKnight
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Vicarious Rep. 158
#26   26 Feb 2018
this map is awesome, great throwback. two thumbs up
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#25   07 Jan 2012
Looks exactly like the level from GE 64. But GE Wii version is way better.
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. unregistered
#24   26 Jun 2010
The experiments you notified sound inhumane.
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Dalamar-nightson unregistered
#23   25 Jun 2000
co'out or what? surprized you quake guys didnt throw this copy of the Complex from Goldeneye as soon as oyu seen it...
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FiLteR unregistered
#22   12 Jun 2000
i didnt even play it yet and i can tell it was a copy of the

Complex level from Goldeneye64

just from the screen shot u should update taht.

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MeLoN~ unregistered
#21   09 Jun 2000
The Complex from Goldeneye was never a favorite level for me...Always thought of it as boring and pointless. This is just a conversion with better graphics(Duh...). The sky was very awkward...Very boring and ugly textures...5/10.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#20   07 Jun 2000
Mimi - all fixed, anyone else have an imposter? just hit the 'Report comment' button (you need to be logged in) or send me a message via the contact page.
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Mimi unregistered
#19   07 Jun 2000
TO : Tigger-On and LvL system administrators,
FROM: real Mimi

-- I have a problem/complaint about a coward who's using my name to express his opinions instead of own his name
-- This message#19 for Goldeneye's Complex map in the LvL comment is not from me.
-- Please, check it out and remove the fake comment #19
-- Please, create a register account system so that others and I would not have to be suffered from those cowards impostor.

Thank you for your helps,

Mimi Vu

Words for the coward impostor:
--- We all have a right to have different opinions from each other. You have a right to state your own opinion but you are obligated to use your own name. Using other people names to state your opinion is NOT ACCEPTABLE any where in the WORLD.

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Mimi unregistered
#18   07 Jun 2000
-- My friends and I have so much fun with your map. We look forward to your second release.

-- “Listen to criticism from your peers and use it constructively to improve. Get better, not bitter.” Gwot (AKA James Edwards) - Lead animator of Digital Extremes

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RaVE unregistered
#17   07 Jun 2000
This isn't going to be easy for me. But I know I have to stick to my own opinion. I have read all other comments before typing this in however...

I just don't know...I downed this to have a few laughs with the bots. ...looked fine when they were playing..fine..? well...strange.
hey first thing I did was check the level you know. Pretty tight, colored lighting was very badly "placed", there were gaps in the sky, so you could see the black box surrounding it...but what killed the map for me was the sky. Hideous! It
was plain ugly. It reminded me off when I build a quake level using the converted doom textures...quake doesn't have a "composed" i don't know quite how to put quake2 or a little more primitive doom and doom2..still it worked. I think quake arena is the same as quake when it comes to that type of sky..luckily there are different types of sky in quake arena! Thing is, it's weird when you see a sky above you, that's like only 2 meters higher than depth..and even weirder is that you can shoot holes in it..fe with the shotgun. Spoiled everything.
Connectivity..i could'nt find it. SOrry. Action concentrates itself on only 2 points in the map. Pretty boring.
Texturing wasn't bad choice however it was badly executed. Strange, it kinda reminded me of a malice level, but a weird version...
I know this is your first map, smknight, i had the same problems when i made my first quake map, but I didn't put it on the net!
I can't cut you slack 'cause it's your first map..i could have if it was a good effort, after many testsmaps..
Don't take me wrong here, I don't want to insult you;;merely tell you it's a bad idea putting a map on the net if you're totally new at mapping.
Personally I've become too damn lazy when it comes to mapping I guess hehe the urge to play a map is bigger than designing one I am talking weird...

Anyway, just make lotsa little testmaps (losta ! lotsa!)
and when you have a good result, put that one on the net.
SUre gampelay is important, but this map made me never want to play it again...sorry.

Better luck next time.:-)

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Zec unregistered
#16   06 Jun 2000
This was my least favorite level in goldeneye, but I think it is very well done. IMO gameplay matters more than looks and this plays pretty good. It plays better in Q3 than it did in goldeneye. Good job!
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Niptlar unregistered
#15   06 Jun 2000
IMO, the level is a little too tight, and the texturing is pretty... boring. It just doesn't feel like a good level to convert. This level feels too much like a bunch of connected rooms rather than a DM level.
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Wiz unregistered
#14   05 Jun 2000
Once me and a few friends got bored of the Complex map in Goldeneye, so we decided to make a new gameplay mode (just out of nowhere, with extra help from people not playing). Let me explain: The mode is called Presidency. See the pic? The room with the ramp with the rocket launcher would be called The Presidency. Once you were inside there, a clock would count (someone not playing would time), and whoever got the most time in the "Presidency", was the winner at the end of the round. It's basically a King of the Hill game, but Goldeneye was missing it. It created some pretty heated battles also. I think this map would be great for a KOTH-type mod. A few retouches, and it will be great. Hmmm...
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Spram unregistered
#13   05 Jun 2000
Bah.. screw all those elite snooty veteran mappers.. A remake of a map is in no way something bad.. it's just that some people find it cool to bash "unoriginality" (did I spell that right?). Well, I think you did a pretty good job on the map (could have been better if you actually changed it a lot/little to fit Quake's gameplay...)

Uh whatever. By the way, I gave your map a 5 but accidentally

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SMKnight unregistered
#12   05 Jun 2000
Sigh This is the first map I have ever made for any game... If I had known about about this site when I "finished" the map and released it on fileplanet, I would have put it in the beta section. I now know a lot more about fixing up brushes, and as pathetic as it is, I did make my textures in Paint.

-Dispite the weird lighting, it is for the most part, true the orignal, which was my goal.
-There is a complex.arena file included but I just didn't put bots so people could choose the ones they wanted.
-Many people have said that the size is wrong, but I still think that it is (mostly) right.
-Obviously people who make original maps deserve more credit, so take this for what it is... a remake.

The Reasons for doing this map:
-Fun! Most people have told me that Facility is there favorite level, but this was my favorite.
-My friend CyberBob is an excellent Goldeneye player who almost never lost, but I could beat him in Quake2. I always hoped someone would make Complex, so I could beat him in Quake on our favorite level. No one did. So when Quake3 came out and the editor was so easy, I decided to make it and chalenge him on it.
-And to try mapping.

Anyway CyberBob is working on Bunkers from Goldeneye and, don't worry it will be better than mine.
And btw my email is now

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Erlandr unregistered
#11   05 Jun 2000
This is bad... not only do I not like ripping other maps off, but the construction is terrible! Colliding brushes everywhere, open spaces looking into black void. A flat non moving sky, and textures that look like they were made in paint! Gameplay is invalid at this point since its a ripped map. This map is truely something awful, can't wait to hear Cranky Steve's review of it.
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Spram unregistered
#10   05 Jun 2000
Just wanted to congratulate you. You must be one of the three people that could map the complex map. How did you do it? That map is so freaking complicated that I thought the reason no one did it for Half-Life was that no-one could understand it. I'll give you a 5 for the level and an extra points for the patience it must take to actually map the complex level, less make a new map exaclty like it.

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SomeOneWellKnown unregistered
#9   05 Jun 2000
Goldeneye for N64 kicked ass for it's time! Yes it's actually a bit out dated and so soon too. But the fact that someone makes an effort to even attempt to do a remake should be some credit. All I ever see on these comments pages from lvl is beginning mappers getting bashed to shit. And that's pretty lame of this site. I'm a veteran mapper, and I think you guys should lighten up on the newbies, instead tell them what they could improve upon (If you even know) instead of shooting their hopes down of ever becoming a good mapper!
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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#8   05 Jun 2000
Who cares that Goldeneye has awful lighting. This is Q3A were talking about here. You cold make this level look incredible if you wanted to.
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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#7   05 Jun 2000
The level seems a bit small compared to how big it was on screen in Goldeneye compared to the size of your player. The Complex isnt really my choice of DM level in Goldeneye. Personally, I would have done the Aztec Complex (where you fight Jaws) and make it look half decent and make it to scale. have the Space Shuttle engines trap too, just like in Goldeneye (as if anyone ever gets killed by that in goldeneye anyway). I always thought that level would be an excellent death match. But this level still is very fun. Being able to jump makes the map all the more fun. Even Goldeneyes textures look better than that. This looks like crap. 8/10 Huge Fun!!
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Wiz unregistered
#6   04 Jun 2000
Decent map, but should have been released as a beta before a final build. Many problems, and bad lighting. Worth a download if you're a hardcore fan of Goldeneye and has some pretty good battles. Bot play is excellent.
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Mimi unregistered
#5   04 Jun 2000
-- No complex.arena file in the complex.pk3, Bad boy :)
-- However, it's only taken a minute to set one up. I would like to recommend the following to be included in your own complex.arena file:
<> Game Type: FFA, TOURNEY and TEAM.
<> Bots : 3 or 4 "hard to see skins" bots (carmack, bones/bones, rikimaru...)
<> Bot skills: recommend the Hard-Core skill for Lamers.
Recommend the Nightmare skill for Quakers.
-- I'm also recommending that you play the Team mode where your are just 1 man Team against 4 Nightmare skill bots.

-- Playing with the above recommendations. This Complex map is a very serious Mind Twisting, Suspension, Thriller, Heart Pounding and Madness of the "Now I see them. Now I don't", "I can hear them nearby but where are they?", "Bang! I got you. Oh No! You got me", “Am I a hunter or Hunted?"
-- Oh! My eyes, my head, heart and my egos are hurt badly.

__ I give it a 10 for the game flow and fun play. A must have map if you are up to the challenge.
-- Thank You SMKnight (Stephen Klancher) for very fun game play level.

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MEet-CEes unregistered
#4   04 Jun 2000
IMO isnt it scaled down to much?
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Mat Linnett unregistered
#3   04 Jun 2000
I hate to disagree with people here, but I actually think this plays very well. I am one of the few people who liked the original level, and I think this conversion adds to the original quite nicely.

Okay, it's not the prettiest of levels, but it plays fast and the bots know their way around quite well. And I'm just a sucker for that tight-corridor-rocket-in-the-face gamplay. Besides which, the no-health factor makes for an interesting twist and the weapon placement is pretty even, although RL tends to dominate.

I'll give it a 6.5.

With better textures and a few curves added, I think this could be a corker.

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Chris Johnson unregistered
#2   04 Jun 2000
Although this is a good recreation of the GoldenEye DM level, it was hardly the best in GoldenEye anyway. The two games (Q3A and GoldenEye) use very different mapping styles which make their maps just about incompatible. Stack / Library would be so boring in Q3A, but was excellent in GoldenEye. If anyone wants to do a Q3A conversion of a GoldenEye level, the central area of Control would make a good starting point.
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GrindSpire unregistered
#1   04 Jun 2000
I hate to point this out but it is actually a faithfull recreation of the GoldenEye level, the fact that the level sucked in GoldenEye shouldn't put you off though, actually I think it should, for god's sake; 1) Don't just rip levels out of other games and 2) If you have to choose a decent level, but yes GoldenEye did have the awful coloured lighting, I think I'll give it a 1, SMKnight is going to need all the help he can get when Rare/Nintendo sue his arse into the ground :-)
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