Q3 ARENAX by TheQleaner
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Anonymous unregistered
#27   26 Dec 2018
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thrshr unregistered
#26   02 Oct 2018
best map ever for weapon practice!
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99ymx Rep. 118
#25   28 Dec 2012
Does not include BFG10K because it is an overkill weapon and not worth using it.
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Tig Rep. 1612
#24   26 Dec 2012
Thanks! The video has been updated.
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Quick Timer unregistered
#23   25 Dec 2012
the video is in quicktime format
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#22   14 Feb 2012
No Camping, No Hiding, No where to run. this map is Epic. Although it may look boring, It's not. Once you play it you will fall in love. 9.5/10 for lots of havoc.
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Memories... unregistered
#21   01 Aug 2008
Wow, what memories a random search can turn up. I'm 'Plucky' (or was, about 12 years ago...) and I had almost forgotten making the original map back in the day :)
Glad to hear that some people enjoyed the map, and I'm even gladder to see that there are actually people out there who remember it fondly! It was originally the first map made for the Rocket Arena mod for Quake1, and while there was not much to it, it sure made for some tense 1 on 1 rocket arena matches back then.
I think I'm going to go work on TeamFortress 2 maps now!
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DeathTheWatcher unregistered
#20   11 Feb 2008
I love this map, no way to run and no way to hide.
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Montunosis unregistered
#19   01 Feb 2005
Great map when you have the tower mod which allows up to 60+ players. Nice job man. And yes, it's excellent for aim practice! Some of these people are being assholes, but they fail to realize it's not supposed to look nice.
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ThatGuy unregistered
#18   09 Nov 2000
No hiding here, fight or die! Hell ya! Only problem is there is no bot file so you can't fight while waiting for players to join up. Is there a way to play bots w/o the aas file?
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MiniuM unregistered
#17   14 Sep 2000
this map is only made for aim practice so stfu :Þ
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NOT ENTERED unregistered
#16   16 Aug 2000
quite nice.

I'm not so sure but i think it's quite nice ;)

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BlacK-Night unregistered
#15   06 Jul 2000


bad,simple,ugly,silly,very bad

very ugly,stupid, idiot,etc,etc,etc.

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Chubbz unregistered
#14   15 Jun 2000
This map owns.....seriously. It's perfect for what it was designed to do....1vs1 no running pure fighting. We also played this map 10 on 10 clan arena...alot of fun in a LAN with 20 people spamming grenades...

TQ made this map within 3 mins...it's funny how people take the design seriously. Only the old skool qw players would know why we love arenax.

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Johnson unregistered
#13   15 Jun 2000
I liked it, excellent practice level
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Niven unregistered
#12   25 May 2000
Hey Unknown , I did :)

Check out the beta section.


ANYONE can do better than this.

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unknown unregistered
#11   24 May 2000
if you guys can creat so much better, then do it...
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vader unregistered
#10   24 May 2000
AWESOME for instagib
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Niven unregistered
#9   23 May 2000

I just wonder why over 300 ppl downloaded it ...

I'm not gonna do it after seeing the screenshot.

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not entered unregistered
#8   22 May 2000
Take back that last comment; map is good for practising your aim, but that's all.
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Bongwater unregistered
#7   22 May 2000
That screenshot rules! :)
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Niven unregistered
#6   22 May 2000

I could build 10000000 x better level in 15 minutes.

This one is like 2 min work + 5 sec's to compile.

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Groo unregistered
#5   22 May 2000
You could do such a level in 15 minutes, plus 10 seconds to compile. Why? Why putting such a crap on the net. That´s not even a practice map.
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killazontherun unregistered
#4   22 May 2000
You can do beter stuff in notepad!
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SiC-deth unregistered
#3   21 May 2000
i agree with poopy, it is a pretty good practice map, it was pretty intense against a hardcore anarki, it teaches you good aim, but its kinda hard when ure left with the slow ass railgun and ure opponent has all his guns left.


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Poopy unregistered
#2   21 May 2000
You fools, the best practice map....to improve your skills.

I'll be laughing when i frag you arses.......all day.

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Scampie unregistered
#1   20 May 2000
Tigger, why do you even post this stuff? ugh!
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