INmiseri©ordi@ by Deathmonger
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]tOp[Dawg unregistered
#6   29 May 2000
Whooooooo... look at those missing textures fly!!!

Was the author's aim simply to make the map look 'groovy' by setting it in a black and white mesh??

Oh yes and the layout sucks too.

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OO7MIKE unregistered
#5   22 May 2000
I tried to like it but couldnt. I tried to play the map but it just looks like ass.

Could one of those missing textures be...oh i dont know the blackness of space. Nope sorry i got just a simple and damn anoying grid insted.

The frame rate was in the 20s for some part wich for me is not ok.

If this map had even a feel like it was finished i would rate it ...until then ...its pure ass.


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Mr J Bravo unregistered
#4   21 May 2000
This map looks like it would probably be ok if it was'nt for the HUGE amount of missing textures, so it's in the bin i'm afraid.

hubba hubba hubba

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Deathmonger unregistered
#3   21 May 2000
IMO this map SUCKS by the moment. The FPS rate stuff y beacause of the fastvis, i was unable to fullvis this map, so i uploaded an incoplete version of it. Behind i'm reconstructing this map so the ones that are downloading it you should know that in a few weeks I will release INmiseri©ordi@ v.2 that will have all the problems fixed (light, vis, structure, aesthetics, etc..) so stay tunned. :)
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ocamsrazor unregistered
#2   21 May 2000
I like space maps, but come on we have all seen maps like this before. Lets have something original!!!!
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rockN79 unregistered
#1   20 May 2000
I must say this map is not as good as it could have been. I don't download a lot maps, but I like space maps and I was interested. Things that need to be changed:

-make the level MUCH brighter, it's that dark it hurts my eyes. I know this takes a lot from the atmosphere, but it improves gameplay

-you have to rework your curves. There are a lot curves that add to the tris_count, but that you actually never see.Example: the cylinders you made and capped (the ones that hold the supporting-cables) have caps on both side. You can delete the side you don't actually see. The same is true for some other curves on the walkways.

-your map is very flat. While adding vertical action to a normal map is hard, it's very easy to make in a floater map. Use the freedom you have in a space map.

-You problably can't do anything about the bad botplay

(after 5 mins. of playing:

me 11 bot1 -5 bot2 -6 bot3 -11 bot4 -15)

The missing textures are from the twpak0.pk3 btw.

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