RocknRoland by Binaryshi
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#34   10 Dec 2021
there aren't really that many custom q3 maps large enough to host huge player loads (which would have been especially useful during the age of the LAN parties). So this is good to see. But where it ultimately falls down is in the complete lack of sufficient spawn points to accommodate large player loads. While some of them are near power-ups, for the most part they are far from weapons (all but 2). I didn't mind the number and location of items, but pretty meaningless if you are spawning and vulnerable to attack. Of all the item placements, the proximity of the invis to the quad makes for a deadly combination. I would have had these more widely separated and at least doubled the spawn locations.
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Sandy unregistered
#33   30 Nov 2013
This looks like a fun place to duel.
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Neonite unregistered
#32   24 Mar 2001
:) i'd seems like i missed all the fun in may-june last year :)

Anyway, this is not a bad map.

It's well connected, and i don't think the megahealth room is neglicted. Every time i gave it a visit, a bot turned up (grrr). O yeah, i was playing with 7 bots.

Yup, botplay isn't all that i guess. Binaryshi should have known no bot would ever go for that quad, it's impossible.

(but what the heck, makes it easier on the player right heh...)

Very quake styled? Indeed. Bigger than i though it to be.

Don't feel like playing it in teamplay..:I

Like the q3 symbol b. made. Nice work.

Powerups don't spoil the map. Bfg is well placed :)

Lighting is good. Sometimes a bit dark but :)

I wouldn't give it 10 points though. A 10? Dunno. Haven't sene many 10s out there :)

Well, one: charon3dm4. That's a 10 in my book :)

THis map deserves a 7.5

(won't give it an 8 cause of the bot play and some nitpicks).

It's a good map. :) Don't take me wrong ok?

ANd i do think binaryshi should try to stand negative comments better. :b

(if you want bad maps, just visit and cranky steve's site :)

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not entered unregistered
#31   28 Jan 2001
A big map ! A great map ! 10 Points !
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Binaryshi unregistered
#30   10 Jul 2000
Thanks Phil, I'm glad you like it.
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Phil unregistered
#29   27 Jun 2000
What a wonderful map ! It's nice, original, funny and there 's place for hability and team's "commando actions" !
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Steinecke unregistered
#28   07 Jun 2000
This map is big in a tasteless way. Looks boring -plays boring. But the bots are not totally out of order.

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DBD unregistered
#27   27 May 2000
Yes, that's ok for me. Next time you could stick a little more to develop and explain your opinion instead of a little free comment. Peace!
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TheAverageJoe unregistered
#26   26 May 2000
hey DBD,

sorry if I came off as a little harsh, dude. just a conflict of opinions... no big deal, eh?

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Karl unregistered
#25   24 May 2000
Though quite large, this map runs superbly and the gameplay is fluid, excellent work Binaryshi.
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Captain@Godmode unregistered
#24   22 May 2000
Whoops :) Forget the post with the {VVK}HarVEster nick. That's my clan-nick and i thought i didd't submit that comment.
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Captain@Godmode unregistered
#23   22 May 2000
Very good map. Very smooth gameplay and looking very good. Items are well placed, there are some nice gadgets and lightning is good to.

The author was obviousely inspired by Blue Death witch is no problem because that is a classic by itself in the good old day's of Quake1.

This map is a classic and for me this creation can share first row with the maps from RENEGATE and ZTN.

No bad things at all? Well, no :)

Now lets hope that this man will keep the spirit and continue to make quality maps like RocknRoland.


Ps: Yes i gave it a 10

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{VVK}HarVEster unregistered
#22   22 May 2000
Exelent map. Very smooth gameplay and looking very good.
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DBD unregistered
#21   21 May 2000
Ok that's your problem if you have doubts about my sincerity and objectivity. That's you right to do so and I can't help you about that.

Firstly if I remember well, I had already read the QIC review. At least I had already read the numerous little reviewing and comments here. So I knew I had most chance to be wrong to not have enjoyed the level.

That's why I played it roughly ten times which is a lot for me and for a level I don't really like. The not so good feeling was consistent so I tried to find why and through the little reviewing here, I tried to explain it.

Take care that for me gameplay with bots is very important. I note most sites made review without to take a real care of flaws in bot play. That's their choice, they have the right to, I have a different point of view about that, I have the right to.

I dunno if there is a single right objective opinion about a level, reflecting the truth of the truth. When it's about a rate I'm even less sure, that's the major difference between a review and a rate. The review keep the uncertain way of words when the rate suddenly put the stuff in an objective mathematical opinion.

Sincerity, I can garantee you. Objectivity is a hard subject when it's about reviewing. I can only garantee to have tried to have the best objectivity for the subjective experience I had of this level by playing it.

For sure, despite I tried hard, (played it roughly ten time), when it's about gameplay I could have miss how to play it fun.

Also, I didn't check every single pixel in order to note that everything is perfectly set or not. What I note during the play and wandering is enough for me. So I didn't gave you a single bonus point about a technical perfection.

All these points could explains why I have a different opinion than QIC for example.

Anyway, I'm not QIC, look at my little reviewing and rating in a different way you did. You read it as an official opinion about your level, setting its worldwide and absolute value.

Keep it at its real level, it's just a feedback and a single rate about your level, something made by one player. Take it in count when doing your next level if you can match your view of your level

with some points of this little reviewing. If you can't, gave up and let me live quietly with my little non important opinion about your level.

Ho well it was cool to have feedback about my little reviewing from you and few other people here, even negative. It's just the way it was done and how it evolves that finally made me react. When I read your first reaction, I decided to not answer. I changed my mind only when reading the later posts.

I hope I hurt nobody here. If you plan to continue in level making, you should be prepared to read negative opinion (right or wrong) about your hard work from one people or another. That's a very relative stuff you can take profit or not, in any case, particularely for stuff here, nothing that should hurt you.

This time, people will have something concrete to write that I'm full of it. :-)

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Binaryshi unregistered
#20   20 May 2000
I was angry getting a 5 for this map because it was the best I could do at this moment, and the ranking was doing fine :-) till you came :-(. I don't like to be a bad looser...but I

can't help but think a 5 is really unreasonable for this piece of work. Especially after receiving my firs review at PQ/qic. DBD, I can't help but have doubts about your sincerity and objectivity. And I must...give you a 5 for that:-)

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DBD unregistered
#19   20 May 2000
Also for the information, I gave the rate I fell, not the rate in order to influence the average rate with the purpose to make the average rate more near to the rate I feel for this map.

So I disagree with last Fleagle rating, just my opinion.

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DBD unregistered
#18   20 May 2000
Keep cool guys, I don't know nobody of you, so no, I don't hate none of you.

I played this map at least 5 times at HMP and 4 times at Hardcore. Then I put here my feeling and rate, that's all.

Perhaps it's me, but bot play didn't work well as I explained. I also feel that there's too many straight corridors and right angles. I also didn't like that.

I finally found the look ok but he didn't impress me and another gothic style whith nothing with a high originality is something that I found just ok, yes for me.

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Binaryshi unregistered
#17   19 May 2000
Don't really care for the digits, as long as they are honnest and represent what you think about the map.

Make a cup of coffee, relax and concider the maps you evaluate in isolation,without...ideas of liking the designer or not, politics, voting to push up friends, meaning also don't vote a 10 for me trying to patch up a score. Please, think only the map as you vote.

Thanks :-)Fleagle for the right intention.

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TheAverageJoe unregistered
#16   18 May 2000
DBD is full of it. No offense to DBD.

Sweet map.

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Fleagle unregistered
#15   18 May 2000
I really enjoyed this map! I think DBD's 'arguments' were vague and imprecise. So to make up for his lame 5, here's a 10 for ya, Binaryshi!
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Binaryshi unregistered
#14   18 May 2000
Hey, I did like that average score of 8.53 this map had. Now you've fucked it up on purpose, by giving it a 5...I mean... get out of here, man.

Your invented damn arguments actually should be replaced with, "I saw your map having about a top score and I couldn't stand while I am not capable of handling myself, so I'm fucking up your average score". You are low, man.

This map isn't a 10 I know. Its a 7,8 or 9 depending on what you experience.

Have a nice life with your lack of objectivity, true judgement and bullshit preverences...

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DBD unregistered
#13   17 May 2000
This map has some interesting features but overall I didn't find it so good. My first complain is that there's an abuse of corridors. Also for these corridors, too many straight one and too many right angles. This corridor abuse doesn't help the action and gives a repetitive feeling of the map. My second main complain is about bot play. Firstly they tend to focus a lot in a small part of the map. Even worse, a jumpad not far to the statue with the blue sphere hypnotise the bots. Among the problem this involves, It's damn to easy to sneak here for many easy frags waiting bots that use this jumpad. So overall bot play doesn't work well. Appart the too many corridors, the architecture has some interesting parts. The look isn't impressive and bit too inside the too classic gothic style. But there's also some good details and some little originalities. Overall I gave it a 5, corridors abuse and bot play taking an important part in this rate.
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hhmz unregistered
#12   14 May 2000
omg this map rox!!! Non like i ever seen bfore, and i have seen a lot of maps..
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Octovus unregistered
#11   12 May 2000
Hey it's possible to make something better if you made this the first time ffs Binaryshi ;)

And..I dunno but you were probably talking mostly to me about my item's comments. You are absolutely right in with the really being bold, it is almost "perfect" as far as that goes just it only really (look I did it too! Hehehe) works with humans bots just don't get some of it ;)

Cyas! Octovus

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Binaryshi unregistered
#10   12 May 2000
Thank you very much everyone for the comments. There are some great compliments...:-)))) I'm glad most of you like it so much.

I know it is not perfect, but I feel I realised for 90% of what I had in mind when building it, because some parts are expressed 100% of what I mean (and even more:-) like the lighting) and some things, like really controlling gameplay with items and layout, and bots, is partially out of my hands because of lack of knowledge and experience.

This is my first map ofcourse and all, but I will consider myself damn lucky if I will ever build something again, that's going to beat this map. But I'll try...I'm gonna try...:-)

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OO7MIKE unregistered
#9   11 May 2000
Excellent archetecture! Looks like this map took some time. Binaryshi put some nice touches in this map. (the flaming q3 sign and the q3 sybol.) I didnt like the flames on the floor. ouch but not to bad. This map is very large and it reminds me of sanctum as far as size. Seems like a good lan map. There is a lot going for this map as far as element of suprise.

8/10 a bit big,never a room that looks dull,bots are not that fun. (die to easily)

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#8   11 May 2000
Octovus - nar, the 3x scream is because the hole is soooo deep -more of a design feature i would say :]

ahhhhhhhh.... oh i'm still falling ... ahhhhh....... oh i'm still falling ...

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Neo Cerberus unregistered
#7   11 May 2000
Great Level Binaryshi - :)

Congrats go out to your friend on his marriage - Wish him and his wife the best of luck.

The idea of a Q3A level for a wedding present...hmm :) never thought of that one hehe. -


NeoC - Team Disillusioned

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Octovus unregistered
#6   11 May 2000
Oh yeah when I fell into the fog I screamed three times (every time I fell not just once)

Trigger bug perhaps? =)

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Octovus unregistered
#5   11 May 2000
Dam straight it's a cool wedding present! Though the bride to be wouldn't get much out of it ;)

A well done map. A few things I liked and a few things I didn't. The quad placement was good, two ways to get there. Bots didn't get it at all though =( Haste was also central right under RL and near RG, plus BFG and RL ammo a bit much if you ask me. Bots only occasionally got haste. Regen was out of the way a bit (dead end room worked well) and bots did get it, though I think invis and regen should have been swapped it is just too annoying having someone getting the invis in a battle filled room (memories of bad dm8 battles).

The room with a visor statue was a bit disused, but two things in this map made me go "wow". Perhaps I was a bit drunk (hehehe) but I walked around the corner of the lg room and saw the floating rl platform and haste platform underneath and I thought that looked really kwl. Secondly, when I jumped to get the BFG I landed perfectly on the middle area (not even knowing there was a fog of death around it), backed up to blast some bots, and OOPS! Bye bye BFG! Also nice it had an extended spawn.

Great map/present =)

8 outa 10. L8rs! Octovus

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MEet-CEes unregistered
#4   11 May 2000
weak bot play says it all tig.

i thought the map was good.

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#3   11 May 2000
I like the fact that this map pretty much has something for everyone. Also the architecture is fantastic. I like the fact that he was able to fit the BFG and 3 powerups in without destroying the map. The 'quake' letters are cool as well ;). Gameflow could have used a little work, as could the bot routing, but it's still a damn fun map.
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Patridiot unregistered
#2   11 May 2000
Too much of this map is cramped and senselessly twisting hallways with random flames (What exactly are they burning, aside from you?) and little other detail. There are also dead ends :P. The construction often hurts flow, like placing the pillar right in front of a doorway. For example, the stairs in the pic are too narrow. There is no way to avoid rocket splash without jumping off (if you don't you'll get blown off into the lava). That sucks. Maybe I'm being a litle harsh because I've been waiting for a decent map for teamplay and this map doesn't fit the bill. Highly overrated, IMHO.

P.S. Enough with the tourney maps! :P


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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#1   11 May 2000
This is definitely a very cool level. I havent put in a lot of playing time on it, but it was very fun when I did. This level is HUGE! and you are constantly finding new rooms. You definitely need at least 6 - 8 people to keep the action flowing, but it's still a great map regardless. It's staying on my server for awhile I think.
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