Thursday, April 13th, 2000,

======= a Level for ID Software's Quake III Arena ========

FileName(.pk3) : rocknroland.pk3
FileSize(.pk3) : 2.741.871 bytes
Map Author(s) : Binaryshi (Robert Goossens)
E-Mail : **email removed**
HomePage :

============== Level Information ===============
MapTitle : RocknRoland
GameType : DeathMatch
NumberPlayers : 4-16, I don't know exactly, depents on what you like.
BotPlayPossible : Yes, *.aas compile included, *.arena file included
Added Textures : a big Quake flag.
Added Scripts : for Quake flag and to modify sky shaders using the original textures
Added Sounds : I ripped the steel-chain alivator/train sounds out of the Quake(1) pak file.(Some things will never be beaten :-)
Music : pak0.pk3 /music/sonic5.wav

Level Description :I tryed to simulate the castle kind of atmosphere that can be found in Quake1. Building some areas
I used elements of the Quake(1) levels "Bdeath.bsp" by Adriano Lorenzini, and "Ukooldm5.bsp"
by Slayer. (I figured that reusing those very nice and effective elements would be a great
contribution to a todays game, instead of letting it fade away in history.)
Then I further expanded on the same theme.

Other Levels Quake2: q2a52.bsp, v2ydm1, v2ydm2
Other Levels Q3A: This is the first one...

I specially designed this level for Roland. Thats why this level's name is RocknRoland. He is a friend of mine and
he will marry his Monica tomorrow. As a wedding present to him I give him this level. I couldn't think of anything better.
Roland, Hans and Me would often come together and play Quake(1) on Pentium 100 machines maybe a 1 MB video card (few!)
with MS-DOS.
We didn't had any network functionality then. So we'd use the Quake(1)'s build-in direct connect option
using the COM ports at 56K. (:-)) That was great fun...playing ukooldm maps, bdeath, muny15, zbouar,
rhapsody, ztndm maps, labello, candybase etc.
Now we still come together every now and then, only this time playing Quake3, with Pentium II or III at >500 Mhz,
and 32 MB video cards, NICs, Hubs, Windows & Internet etc.
A lot has been changed and improved. And starts to look like I'm becoming able to build a Quake(3) level
myself:-) (wow yeahh!)
Roland, this is for you. I hope it plays well for you and the atmosphere is right the way you like it!
I wish you a great marriage with Monica.


===================== Credits =======================
Thank to all the people at: For starting The 3D Game hype, and for allowing many young talents to edit levels,
express themselves and to practise and cultivate their designing abilities. The Editor used by IdSoftware. Quake3 editing tutorials (RUST) For the Quake2 editing tutorials and very nice technical articles which helped me a lot
to learn to build detailed and even large maps while keeping the performance right.
At lot of technical ideas presented there still applies to editing for Quake3, while
at Quake3 specific editing sites the (essential) info still might not be available. The Q3Workshop at gamedesign net, covering Quake3 editing with basic tutorials. About two months ago I became a member of this site of beginning to advanced level designers.
Through ICQ we keep in touch and we are able to exchange ideas, launch questions in the group,
present eachother ideas and work together on projects. A very nice and promising initiative,
which will help to enforce, keep alive and grow the thoughts we like to think.

====================Technical Data ===========================
==== My WorkStation ====
Machine : Abit BP-6, Celeron 500Mhz, 128MB RAM, TNT2+32MB RAM
Editor Used :
3rdParty Tools : Q3Build easy to configure compiler front end/ game launcher

==== Build Time and Compiling Process ====
Starting : March 27th 2000
Total Days : 9
Final Compile Date : April 6th 2000
Q3BSP : 49s
Q3VIS : 4h29m13s
Output>> 3828 PortalClusters, 12064 NumPortals, VisDataSize 1837448
Average Clusters Visible 281
Q3RAD : 2h11m4s
Output>> 359 Light Emiting Surfaces
0...9 (78)
0...9 (7779)
BSPC : 1m39s
Known Bugs : At the VIS stage I got a ""Leaf Portals saw into Leaf" message 3 times.
I checked the level thorougly and found one little visual bug. After replacing the
brush several times, and making sure the edges and vertices were properly aligned
to the grid it still would disappear. I hope to find out soon what is causing it.
Anyway, its not at a disturbing place at all, so probably no one will bother.

===================== COPYRIGHT/PERMISSIONS ==================
This level is my creation.

Upfront stands the aim of this PK3 package:
The only form in which this level may be distributed is in the original pk3-file,
including its possible sub directories with files, and this describing text file
which describes this package size and date and its contents.
This Level in/and the PK3 package may NOT be distibuted in any other form than
through the free, non profit Internet TCP/IP chanells, as it is meand to reach
thousands of Deathmatch loving Quake III Arena gangsters out there. (hehe)

DON'T DO THIS without my written permission:
1. Changing the contents of this PK3 file.
2. Using (some of) this level's geometric layout as a base for other levels.
3. Copy this file on to a CD ROM or any other media for commercial/profit purposes.
If anything is going to happen with this level, I'd like to know about,
possibly decide over it as it is my creation and (what the heck 8-) maybe be part
of it as well.

Quake III Arena 1999-2000 Id Software. All rights reserved.