Hard Steel
Hard Steel by Shmitz
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themuffinator Rep. 1044
#9   25 Nov 2010
Even though it's construction isn't great, and bots play seriously bad on this, it is still actually one of my favorite maps of all time (the FFA version, I don't like the CTF version much). It just has that something special about it. I'd like to see a remastered version of this some day that fixes up all the small issues with it.
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not entered unregistered
#8   25 May 2000
this level is cool

i love it too bits and wish i could marry it

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DBD unregistered
#7   17 May 2000
Interesting map. Firslty the better for me is that team DM works very well in this map, at least for Team DM with bots. Then a little negative point, the author use many textures that have very tiny details. The result is that with a medium quality you see nothing, mostly a plain surface without details. With high quality this uncommon choice is mostly nice and pleasant but this is overall a little problem. Anyway, even with medium quality, the look of the map as something. It is a lot better than previous maps of the same author included in one pack. But there are also a little lack of arch. details but a little only. So I found overall the look good with a refreshing originality.

The gameplay shines due to a great architecture. Excellent diversity of the map that involves fights from close range to very long range (for Quake3). The vertical play is also very good, diversified, not too difficult. Despite the map is a bit big, the great connectivity make moving through it a breeze. The RL dominates a bit but a lot less than most maps. All weapons (no BFG) take a big role, it just miss some more ammo for the shotgun. Many places are by themeselve great place to fight and diversified one. There are interesting sniping points and some good sneaking and ambushing.

I notice only few minor problem with bot play, it seem they underuse the hole that fall to the blue sphere. And they seem to overuse one of the jumpads but it's not so easy to take profit of that. I gave it a 9.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#6   14 May 2000
Played this map a few more times... jumppads still bug me, but I've learned to avoid the major problems. Other minor gripe: not sure about the proportions in a few spots, seems a little tight. On the whole though I like it. Nice layout (takes a little learning). You can chase an FC if you're right behind them, and get some clear shots every now and then, but not too many. If you're too far behind you have a chance at "cutting them off at the pass" instead if you're smart. Just nice connectivity in general (some chokepointing, not too much). It's also really easy to see players against these textures, which gets rid of a problem that has truly started to annoy me on the id-gothic-texture maps.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#5   30 Apr 2000
Ork from Mork - i've removed your ad as it had nothing at all to do with the level, if you have news that you want to share with others please try Qmap;


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Johnny Law unregistered
#4   29 Apr 2000
Unfortunately the thing that I always remember about Shmitz's CTF maps so far is that the jumppads get under my skin. Situations where you can hit your head on something and not go up the jump all the way, or where you hit your head on the ceiling, or where the default jump arc doesn't land you anywhere. This map is better (and there aren't that many jumppads) but it's still a problem.

Once I get past that phobia this looks like a solid map. Haven't played it much yet though so no comment on items... space and layout are fine. One interesting/weird thing I noticed is several "curves" built out of polygons rather than meshes (in one case, causing a jumppad problem because of this). Join the Curve Nation, Shmitz. :-)

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FooL unregistered
#3   29 Apr 2000
Kaffikarl is drunk;-)~ But anyway, 10 for me. There are only two minor problems that my unprofessional opinion could find. One, it is a touch too dark. But, that's nothing a little adjustment of the 'ol monitor can't fix up. The other is the age old bot problem thing. As a person who uses 56k dial-up and needs GoZilla to make sure he can download a 3 MB file.....I can't play online. So, I'm stuck with those miserable bots. It's the same story with the bots. They only REALLY use one path. (My only guess is it's the fastest path.) But, again, that's nothing that can't be fixed. Start the level with nothing but onpen slots. Add 7 bots on hardcore or nightmare on the other team abd put 2 bots on your team at hurt me plenty. That tends to even things up and make the problems with the bots disappear.

The colors were great. You could tell what side of the base your on with the color scheme. Item placement was superb. (except the regen was out of the way so that the bots never went for it....but hey, more for me!) Plenty of ammo, health was not too lacking. There was no clearly favored path from flag to flag. Not too easy to get away from pursuers, but then again, not too hard. The 3 tiered levels amde for superb strategic pathways. Over-all an outstand CTF level. If your'e a CTF fan...a must have.

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Kaffikarl unregistered
#2   29 Apr 2000
Taka i gorn og thad fast

yeah dl minn rass...

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CasbahBoy unregistered
#1   29 Apr 2000
A fairly simple (simple, not unenjoyable), but multi-level layout, and simple texturing - with a very fast framerate! You can really load this map up with bots, expecially the smaller DM version. Worth the download! Get it!
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