Event Horizont
Event Horizont by KODIAK
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PaN61 Rep. 337
#15   12 Mar 2010
The lighting is really good, and texture choice was great for a space DM/Tourney map. Gameplay was good and bots go on every floor. Item placement was quite good but maybe the rocket launcher area is a bit tight. bots seem to get the rocket launcher and shotgun more than the rail gun.

The map can be pretty easy to dominated on the top floor and by using the rail gun.

I don't think this map should be a DM map because of the size and because it only has three weapons, it would be better for it to be a Tourney map.

A really good map KODIAK, 8/10.


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ShadoW Rep. 67
#14   11 Mar 2010
Wow, One of the first custom maps for q3 I've played :). It was really nice, I'll always remember well this one.
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assExplorer2000 unregistered
#13   29 Jul 2000
same as Sivy
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homo eroticus unregistered
#12   09 May 2000
hey matt, let's meet after a match of Q3 and enjoy a round of slippery salami.

Dude, you have homo-erotic tendencies I think.

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KODIAK unregistered
#11   05 May 2000
I see what you mean matt man :)

It was not intentional though I assure you.

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matt man unregistered
#10   03 May 2000
Map looks like a cock between some buttcheeks! Uhg!
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Megalyth unregistered
#9   03 May 2000
I don't think Niptlar meant negative 7.
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ALS unregistered
#8   30 Apr 2000
Indeed , you are an Idiot Niptlar!!

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OozE unregistered
#7   30 Apr 2000
I like this level. From the limited time I've had playing it, it seems like a great rail level...though as has been mentioned due to the intrinsic design its a bit easy to dominate, I would think. But so is q3dm17, one could argue. :)

Worth keeping!

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fatmanfat unregistered
#6   30 Apr 2000
Is that a phallus in the middle of the map?
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SiCdeth unregistered
#5   29 Apr 2000
sorry lakron, but unlike the movie this map sucks, i mean, its good cuz theres no mess ups or anything and i guess its solid gameplay or whatever, but its just so damn small, i think its even smaller then the map u fight sarge on. well i dont like it that all i gotta say, sorry KODIAK


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Lakron unregistered
#4   29 Apr 2000
Haven't DL'd the map yet, but by the name, I think I'd have to guess that this map is related to the movie, but by the levelshot, It doesn't appear to look like it (unless everything that does look like the ship is not in the levelshot)...



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Niptlar unregistered
#3   29 Apr 2000
The level flows pretty well, and the item placement is reasonably good, but the level can be pretty easy to dominate from the top. Still, you need to refill your rockets sometime.

Worth a closer look - 7

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KODIAK unregistered
#2   29 Apr 2000
Sorry don't speak polish or whatever language this is :(

try hungarian :)

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Sivy unregistered
#1   29 Apr 2000
Jestem z Polski wiêc po Polsku :) mapa jest faajowa
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