Drastic City
Drastic City by Mark Wheeler
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FragTastic Rep. 2249
#9   05 Jan 2012
Very nice map and design made but i have to say Gameplay sucks ):.
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RotaryFist.cz Rep. 64
#8   23 Aug 2008
Urban maps are always fun but this one just has some serious gameplay problems... Almost whole map is exterior-only and gets boring very quick, since theres not much to explore. Might be entertaining for a short fun TDM or FFA though.
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- unregistered
#7   23 Mar 2005
too dark for my likeing
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Nitebeat unregistered
#6   25 Dec 2001
Map plays ok, skybox is horrible, but that doesn't stop me playing it once in a while...
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Gr|m_r@p|$t unregistered
#5   21 May 2000
Holy Mother Of Jesus! This is possibly the coolest map Ive played. I especially like the ghetto part! ((I sit there and listen to the damn music, hehehehe)) great Job Fubar, hope yer upcoming maps ((if any...)) are just as good!! keep up the good work!


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Mr. Beef unregistered
#4   06 May 2000
WHOOP!! WHOOP!!! I love city maps!!! and LePig is right.
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LePig unregistered
#3   30 Apr 2000
This map ownz! The gameplay is badass and it's not exactly easy to go BFG camping te whole game (Xaero railed me every time I even attempted). The sniping tower is l33t, as well. It's like a king of the hill game, in some ways. The whole map is like playin in the movie "The Jackal". The only complaints that I have is the the grappling hook sucks and does nothing for you, the sky is unattractive, and the street lines seem to smear down the line (maybe it's just my video card). This might be the greatest LAN maps ever, as well. I hooked up my Smackintosh G4 to my P2 Xeon and had an awesome time! I have no idea what these chumps have against this map, but don't listen to them. THIS MAP OWNZ! This is the best ma I've played since Coriolis Storm. Download it, now!


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Smoth unregistered
#2   29 Apr 2000
this map is kind of nice but sewer covers are not good for jump pads. However, I like the spacyness if you used a darker shading or maybe an overall dark blue hue with orangish yellow lighting fo the street lights. other then that the little covers over (I believe they are called awningg or something) the windows should have been 3 dimensional for asthetics. Thie little pool was cute, but why is it there? there needed to be some weapons, and maybe some cars sitting in the street. Anyway, nice job I won't delete this ma, but it's won't be a favorite sorry.

considering it did slow down in many parts I have to deduct 2 points. Also I did not like the monochromatic lighting scheme. minus 2 there, and the map had a very boxed in feel minus 2 there. So considering the few things I liked about this map I give it a 4.

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Niptlar unregistered
#1   29 Apr 2000
The gameplay is horrid. I've always felt that if you are going to include the grappling hook, you should have players spawn with it.

I just couldn't get around without the GH. - a 2, maybe...

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