Drastic City
Drastic City -
Mark "Fubar" Wheeler
**email removed**
Build Time: 2.18.00 - 2.28.00
Tweaks and Fixes 2.28.00 - 3.3.00

Update 3.15.00 - Fixed some texture problems and substituted the
lightning gun for the grenade launcher. These are not show stoppers.
You can download a BSP update from www.markwheeler.com/games.html

Map trivia -

> All building textures are from real sites in Rosslyn and Springfield, Virginia
and Silver Spring, Maryland. The photographs were taken with a Canon
Powershot S10 digital camera and manipulated in Photoshop 5.5.

> The two largest towers' textures are from the Gannett/USA TODAY buildings in
Rosslyn, Virginia. The apartment textures were taken from the exterior of
my apartment in Alexandria, Virginia.

> The manhole covers are the jump pads.

> I included the grappling hook (unskinned) just for giggles.

> Bots have a tendency to stay street level. But they spread out all over
the level. I hae played with up to 14 bots.

> If you wish to use the textures in your own level, drop me an email
so I can check out your work! Thanks in advance.

> To run the level, load Quake 3 and bring down the console.
Type "/sv_pure 0"
Then "/map drasticcity"

Disclaimer - I have a 500MHZ PIII with 256mg RAM and an ASUS 3800 Deluxe.
This level has FPS levels of 20-60 depending on where you are. This is with
up to 14 bots. Your results may vary.

Compile Times On 500MHZ PIII
BSP time: 6 seconds
VIS time: 3570 seconds - (59 minutes)
LIGHT time: 17080 seconds - (4.75 hours)