Hard Steel
Map Names: Hard Steel (deathmatch); Hard Steel, Double Edged (ctf)
File Name(s): map-hardsteel.pk3 (map names q3sdm_hs.bsp and q3sctf_hs.bsp)
Author: Mark "Shmitz" Major
E-mail: **email removed**
Compiler: Q3 Radiant
Game Type: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag
Players: 2-6 players (DM), 6-12 players (CTF)
Version: 1.0

Comments: There are three levels to this map. Most of the health is on the second
level. Most of the armor is on the first. Ammo is pretty well spread
among the levels. In the CTF map the top level serves as a connecting
level as well as a way to get to the second level of the opposing base
(the only other way into an opposing base is at ground level). In the
DM map the courtyard also has a jump pad that leads up to the second
level. The DM map really plays well with just about any number of
players, and interestingly, it plays a lot different depending on how
many people are running around. The CTF map gives some intense action
no matter how many people are playing. Most weapons are available except
for the BFG, and the shotgun is left out of the CTF map. Powerups are
Quad and dual Regenerations in CTF, and Haste, Regen, and Megahealth in
the DM map.

The garlic to keep the vampires away:
Feel free to distribute this map by any electronic means (internet,
CD, floppy, etc.) as long as it is FREE. You may not distribute this
map commercially without permision.