Ghosts of Stroggos
Ghosts of Stroggos by Lake Trout
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6416
#1   10 Oct 2022
I think the tech-theme, corridors (esp. the tight hidden one), sound-effects and crates (think the Warehouse missions) do try to capture Quake 2. The room with the RLs is even modelled after the Makron boss fight. There was no Quake 2 textures available for Q3 at the time so I think the author tried their best with what was available. 2 RGs in the flag rooms would generally seem too much but I like the fact that the author has offset this with the lack a health and armour, the crates for cover and the teleport for a quick exit from the flag rooms. This all makes it interesting and challenging enough. The disorientation due to lack of team base indicators, the long corridors and hidden armour are all somewhat bothersome.
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