Ghosts of Stroggos

Title : Ghosts of Stroggos
Game : Quake 3 Arena
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Author : John "Lake Trout" Kay (a.k.a Jay)
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Map Description : Large Capture the Flag/Team Deathmatch map set in a warehouse atmosphere.
Other maps : Theoretical Probability. Another CTF map which won the Deathmatch Zone
Holiday mapping contest in December, 2001. See the review at:
:On the Rim (of the known universe) which was Planet Quake's Level of the Week for 12-24-02. See revew at:


*If you liked Quake 2 as much as I did, this map is for you. We defeated the Strogg on their home world at high cost, but we did it. Now, back at one of their abandoned supply depots, strange sounds have been eminating from around the complex. Sounds that are all too familiar. Could it be, or are they just aberrations? As you move around the depot, you will hear Strogg voices calling from the past. In the tunnels, up on the ramps, high up by the grenade launchers, in the hallways. Ignore them or not, they will bring back nightmares from beyond the void...
*When you find the BFG, remember it was outlawed on Stroggos after the war. It is for display purposes only...
*If you want a Rocket Launcher, Lightning Gun, or Plasma Gun you need to follow the ramps to the upper level where the battle sounds and fly bys are still going on in a never ending nightmare...
*Red and Yellow Armor can be found hidden in boxes...
*In case you haven't figured it out yet, ALL sounds are from the classic game Quake 2...
-----------Play Information-----------------------------------------------------------------
Mode : Capture the Flag/Team Deathmatch
Best Number of Players : Five or more per side (10-16)
*Play against humans whenever possible!
*Run around the map with no players or bots to get used to it first. I suggest this with all CTF maps!
Editors : Gtk Radiant 1.2.10, Paint Shop Pro 7.
Borrowed Textures: Scorpion, Lunaran, Gonnakillya, Mr. Clean, and Evil Lair. Some boxes by Scott Braut from Texture Universe.
Copyright (2002) by John "Jay" Kay (Lake Trout). All rights reserved.

*This package may only be distributed by means of electronic transfer,
free of any charge to the recipient, and may not be modified in any way.
All the files included in the original package must remain intact and

*You may use my textures or other textures but give credit where credit is due. Include this Read Me if you do.

*This package may not be distributed on any CD-ROM, nor be used on a commercial multi-player server without the prior, explicit written consent of John Kay.

*Textures SteelBoxPlain, BoxSteel2, SteelBoxLight, BoxRadioactive are Copyright 2000 and Scott Braut, and are used by permission only. Anyone wishing to use these textures in a map, skin, 3D project or level design must obtain them from and use this credit. These Textures are not to be modified or distributed individually in any form unless part of this project. Anyone wishing to use these textures in a commercial project may obtain permission through Texture Universe.

to all the great people at Quake 3 Forums and to id software.