Red Warrior Shot The Food
by Foo
* General Information *

Title : Red Warrior Shot The Food
BSP Name : gc4_foo.bsp
Author : Chris "Foo" Thorpe
Release Date : April 2006
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page :
Game : Quake 3 arena Tourney

Description : CPMA Tourney map set in a candy base theme. Playtested on LAN for a few days and went through a lot of changes to get it 'just so'.I had to tie all ends up within a short timeframe, so the level isn't quite as 'GeoComp' as I wanted. Best enjoyed in Promode, but plays fine without.

Thanks to : Infernis for extending the Geocomp deadline to accomodate my university schedule
Jackson "JXN" Hall for playtesting, consul, and Pot Noodle supplies
4Days for solving a really dumb portal bug
evil_lair for the textures
Amethyst7 for the skybox

* Copyright / Permissions *

All textures and art in this level remain property of their respective owners.
Distribute this map however you want.
If you paid to get this, you're a sucker.