INSTACTF1 (map pack)
by Q
INSTACTF1 (map pack) by Q
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6416
#1   11 Jun 2021
the first map has a great layout overall - glad it had a remake with weapons but is pretty pointless as it stands. I don't know why you would make a rail only level given that you can play any map as such in instagib, with rail only the high central area bouncepads are a death trap and completely pointless. they do take you to the roof but since it deals damage, and you will most likely already be low on health due to rail hits and no health or armour on the map, this area is also a deathtrap and a wasted area of the map. On that note, if you were going to do a rail only map like these, a central power-up of some kind (quad would be too powerful, but invis, regen or haste would all work), health and armour is absolutely essential. Aesthetically, the second map is visually amazing, and the curves are jaw-dropping but I didn't much like the bounce pads in the water (you can find yourself hitting the ceiling and exit tunnels above) and unless one strafes precisely through the curved tunnels one can also find themselves getting caught on the geometry. On the plus side, the flaws relating to items and game play can be corrected if these were loaded up in a mod (excessive being one example).
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