Screenshot for Rashmi by Rota
Added: 20 Dec, 2016   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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23 Dec 2016
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Hi, thx for map review. Its a good christmass gift.
I am in similar situation as donkey with his recent release. I have been working on this map for many years.. I had a many long term stops.. And I am really happy its finished now.
And last thing I must say: I strongly recommend to play this map 4v4 with some skilled tdm players. There is the real map potential.
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22 Dec 2016
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Rota, your geniune talent is very appreciated there :) Seems you like abandoned facilities design :) It's very great map and I am also beta tester of this map (I have beta version downloaded back in time) :)
And for textures naming - “diamonds” are called “káry”, not “picky” :D But that's only comment aside :)

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