No One
No One by r3x.theCat
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5834
#2   27 Sep 2019
some moves have been lost in this conversion and others made easier (that tbh didn't really need to be) but overall I think this is better than the cpma official map. The lava pool at the ya should be shallow enough to get back out of and if one of the trimmed lights at the bottom had been lengthened you would have an opportunity to double jump to the top of the map. But on the plus side there is ga now, the lip to the upper platform no longer overhangs the bouncepad making rjs from the pad a lot easier, and angled wall trim so you can now jump from the middle to the top of the map. The overall flow is much better now making this a really good conversion at that .
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Obsessed Rep. 576
#1   30 Jan 2018
"Sadly, no bot support"
WHY?!!!11 (((((((((
[edit] the whole level had to be stretched vertically.
Edited 83.2 days after the original posting.
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