blooddm2 by BLOOD
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CZghost Rep. 1681
#5   04 Jun 2015
Maybe Punkbuster. Brother must have it disabled or do not have it installed... I have Punbuster enabled, for those cheaters with aimbot and else... Will try to temporarily disable it and see what happens... Maybe the connection is not just well enough to connect properly, I don't know... Anyway, Blood. For what reason you did not include bot support? Common issue is the BSP has some invisible flaws (invalid bevels, etc.) that prevent from compiling AAS. And mostly nobody cares and say Hmm, so no bots... And mostly nobody keep original source map files...
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Tig Rep. 1732
#4   04 Jun 2015
Yep, I had no issue connecting from Australia - except for a bit of lag :]
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CZghost Rep. 1681
#3   04 Jun 2015
You must have something corrupted on your server. I was unable to connect to your server. Once it gave me Invalid game folder error and second levelshot and GUI graphics shows missing textures on loading screen and then returns me Failed to register Sarge player model error. Do you run outdated version? This might me one of possible reasons...
Edited 3.24 hours after the original posting.
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Zork Rep. -4
#2   19 Mar 2015
se mira bien a patear culos c:!
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Daser unregistered
#1   19 Mar 2015
Deverian poner mas DM y menos CTF.
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